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Evidence Of World’s Earliest Wine-Making Found

A series of excavations in Georgia uncovered evidence of the world’s earliest wine-making

It was found in the form of telltale traces, within clay pottery, dating back to 6,000 BC

The oldest jars contained wine, dated from 7,000 years ago…

and six vessels contained the chemical calling cards of the drink

This was discovered in the Zagros mountains in northern Iran in 1968

However, the latest discovery pushes back the early evidence by as much as half a millennium

This comes after a team of archaeologists and botanists in Georgia…

joined forces with researchers in Europe and North America

They explored two villages in the South Caucasus region that were near capital Tbilisi

The sites offered a glimpse into a neolithic culture characterized by…

circular mud-brick homes, tools made of stone and bone

While there are thousands of cultivator of wine around the world…

almost all derive from just one species of grape, ‘The Eurasian grape’

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