Ewan McGregor’s Response to Disney’s ABC on RETURNING as Obi-Wan – Star Wars Explained

In the latest interview with Disney’s ABC show ‘The View’, Ewan McGregor was the star of the show, as he was eventually asked if he would return to play Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here’s what he had to say. I think it’s good news, considering it’s all owned by Disney and they wouldn’t have their show’s host even ask this question, knowing how sensitive of a question it is, especially for right now!

What do you think? I think a Kenobi movie would bring back Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and so on…

Exciting times nonetheless!


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What do you think?

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  1. Okay so this isn't relevant but has anyone noticed that Obi-Wan always (whether it be a conscious decision or not) gives second chances. Even in the original trilogy ol ben was chopping off limbs before killing. From Maul to Anakin to even Vader. I like to think he does this in an effort to bring about the good in people

  2. They need the same team who made Rogue One to work on Obi-Wan movies. Keep the current writers and directors far far away from Obi-Wan trilogy.

  3. Star Wars is dead to me, and millions of other fans. SJW feminists in space? No thanks. All white men are evil? Go fuck yourself Disney.

  4. I think Dysniy needs to stop being pussys and just let the actors talk about the movie. It adds anticipation for the movie. I didnt even go see the last Jedi as I didnt care at all for it. I saw mark talking about how he saw the new luke and I feel like they're just silencing the opinions of people around them. They'll only catch more doubt if they keep doing this. Like what are they hiding

  5. Star wars fans confuse me I thought you all hated star wars and were boycotting it. Or was that JUST the SOLO movie to get disney to pay attention? I love star wars. But Fan is short for "fanatic" i am definitely no longer a "fanatic" star wars follower (ep 8 murdered the universe to me). Plus I always had a higher proclivity for more complicated more european sci fi. Which is why I'm huge fan of warhammer 40k. And we're about to release OUR movies. i have NO DOUBT if they even half decently film/ CGI any 40k story it would beat star wars sales (short of the original ep 4-6 movie run, not even I can fathom greater beauty than episodes 4-6) It might be possible, is it gonna be a 40k movie that beats star wars…? doubt it as much as i love 40k

  6. Hi star wars theory. I have to ask. Could you give us a list of all the music that you use in your videos. Thanks alot and may the force be with you

  7. I would love to have an Obi-Wan movie with Ewan, but the way Disney's been screwing everything up w/ Star Wars lately, I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I would be much more excited about that than the current trilogy as well.

  8. I really would LOVE this to be true!!! Ewan is awesome, and the Fans want this to happen.
    I just hope KKennedy is Fired and Gone before it happens / so the movie will not have 9 different directors come and go, or her political agendas involved at all!
    i Hope no one takes this wrongly atall but Dear God we do not need Obi Wan recast as a female and that sounds like something Kennedy would try to do. I love love love Strong female lead actresses. But not the way Kennedy shoves her political agendas down every SW fan's throat! Can we have Dave Filoni to become ARTISTIC DIRECTOR over all Lucasfilm products and Kevin Feige in charge of the business side!?
    Please please Lucasfilm/Disney!!!!!! Do it!!
    thanks for hearing my opinion!

  9. as long as the obi wan trilogy is not rian johnsons trilogy i will be stoked for it, last thing i want is another great star wars character destroyed.

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