Exclusive Interview with LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Design Team for UCS ‘Millennium Falcon’ (Set #75192)

Before the press junket at 9:45pm on Wednesday 13th September, Jedi News was granted an exclusive interview with Michael Lee Stockwell (Designer Manager on LEGO Star Wars) and Jens Kronvold Frederiksen (Director of LEGO Star Wars Design) at a Leicester Square hotel to discuss the brand new UCS Millennium Falcon. Many thanks to LEGO and Norton PR for all their help and support.

If you missed our unboxing of the new Millennium Falcon earlier in the week, you can still catch the video here – LEGO have done some amazing things with the box, let alone the awesome contents!

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  1. Man, such an awesome video, it's awesome to know the people behind this gorgeous set, it's so cool to know everything they thought of while crating this, they seem so nice too !
    As a guy who's entering the Rebrick contest it's quite intimidating to know one of these guys along with James Burns will be judging the competition, buti'm sure they'll apreciate the detail (or over detailing in my case) that people are putting in to their models.

  2. Just trying to give some constructive feedback here but this isn't really an interview, it's more like a monologue you're performing. You ask them a couple of questions but you then almost immediately answer them yourself or start your monologue again 😉 It was just weird to see them sitting there while you were doing all the talking. Still, great video though!

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