Exclusive Video Of JF 17s Escorting Chinese President’s Plane TVN7

Exclusive Video Of JF 17s Escorting Chinese President’s Plane TVN7

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Written by frances

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  1. Hi guys. Lets take out a moment to laugh out loud at those 753 cow piss drinkers from terror mata Rape Republic of india who disliked this patient. 1. 2. 3. GO.. hahahahhahahaha

  2. J17 Thunder or JF Blunder? The Chinese rejected the JF17 or MIG21 clone for their own use. Its engines are obsolete and only Russia makes them.

  3. Fkn China why don't you come and get all your Chinese people out of America. If China is so great, why are there so many fkn Chinese in the USA, why do so many Chinese come to American schools. Chinese parasites, STAY IN FKN CHINA.

  4. At least China buys their Boeings from us! Lol. The Russians at least have their leader in a Russian built jet, though he rides in German built cars. Americans travel in their own jet AND cars, although their citizens live on mostly Chinese made crap sold at Walmart.

  5. So basically, if missiles are launched against the Chinese "Air Force 1", the JF-17 are instructed to take the hits, I'm quite sure

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