The investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election just got a whole lot spicier.

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Written by frances

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  1. So it’s only okay when America tries to influence the opinion of people in another country using social media COUGH Cuba oh excuse me, but when Russia does it to us it’s literally a federal case….

  2. oy vey, don't let the goyim make fun of us chosen people! fuck you mark you anti-semite letting these unkosher companies advertise to unkosher people.

  3. this russian dude lays out the plan to destroy america…. but did you know about Dulles' plan or the Dulles Doctrine of 1971 to destroy USSR? That plan worked perfectly, by the way. Sooo russia wants to the destroy US, US wants to destroy…and you are being conned like a sucker,

  4. how humiliating is it to we americans that the us govt. says that the Russians have the ability to override the free will of anericans with facebook ads. and doesn't that make facebook a co conspirator ?

  5. someone should afford an alternative site to facebook , one whose founder wont go cheeks up for the man without due process. for people who prefer democracy over the new reality.

  6. is the 2020 zucker zonked? will he make it to the next chapter in "the real russian story', or will the zuck still run for potus? stay turned folks I'm sure the clinton machine is in the "fakebook"/cia files also.

  7. Damn I didn't know Phil could read minds. I just wanted to type in, that people who own a mack should throw it out of the window 😀

  8. Although the Facebook Guru is a millionaire now billionaire and is highly educated, he is fulfilling the stereotype that tech type people lack the social skills necessary to know how individuals can be influenced within the products they create. Hire some highly educated folks in the field of Communication Studies and Media Studies who research influence. When you collect and sale data about how groups of people by race, age, gender and sexuality you are also colluding to negatively impact people's behavior without considering what others might use that data to do. I hope Mark and the Twitter folks are punished for making thousands of dollars by exploiting face book and Twitter users. Shameful. Russia didn't invade, they were easily able to buy advertisement. Something should have gone off that advertisements were targeting certain groups. I am tired of these culturally unconscious money mongers. The only reason Zucker is doing anything because he may lose money if social media is regulated.

  9. Wait, what? If you leave something unregulated then there's a chance that someone will abuse the un-regulation in terrible ways that benefit them but to the detriment of everyone around him? Shocking…

  10. Oh hey look Apple hasent patched their OS in years? Why is this news? This has been an issue for YEARs go to any Black Hat con it's a known FACT that Apple is slot on update and expoints diciverdd one year, AND SHOWN TO APPLE will still be exploitable at the NEXT con.

  11. following that mulitplier logic…so 50K =x*20x….100K=x*20x? so does that mean that no one else was campaigning using Facebook? This focus on Russia completely ignores other campaigns. Total BS.

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