Fake News Sites Funded By Ads of Major Brands

Major corporate brands are, often inadvertently, placing the ads that fund the growing number of web sites that peddle fake news online. WSJ’s Lee Hawkins explains.

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Written by frances

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  1. The public is awake now, the real fake news is on cable television and printed news papers like the WSJ. You are a dying monster

  2. Guy looks like a Manchurian MKUltra candidate. Smile, wave, you're on camera. Clowns. This whole thing is a joke of cosmic proportions

  3. WSJ, I've been noticing a lot of fake news on your site, like this one right here. I'm losing confidence in your ability to deliver truthful news.

  4. Guys, fake news is nothing new. They're called tabloids. The problem is people have gotten more retarded, and can't distinguish the truth. Why do you think Trump is president?

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