FBI urges Internet users to reboot router

If you have an Internet router in your home, the FBI says you should reboot it immediately. They say hackers have compromised hundreds of thousands of routers with malware, meaning the hackers can collect your personal information.

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  1. This THE UNIVERSAL DIRECTOR…The FBI can't filter out questionable websites but Walmart can? People you Must begin following My High Power immediately. We must make everything that's available on the Internet pre-approved as good without any special preference. (Part of My Societal Status Quo; perfect reasoning applied to all generally available things). If you don't want your children to see pornography or anything else you find objectionable for them to see, then you need to supervise their viewing of the Internet, not limit the viewing pleasure of others just because children can't handle certain subjects. That's where Walmart went wrong buy blocking out certain websites to make their in store web viewing suitable for all children but not for all adults. Blatant unfair perjury and preferenced self judgement on their part. The straight opposite being the corrupt government, in particular, the FBI. The FBI wrongfully allows any website to form, which puts felony charges back onto them, along with charges of various counts of perjury, and then has the gall to go after websites, after complaints, or after individuals that might be suspected of having 'illegal' websites on their computers. I have provided solutions for all problems this world faced. This subject matter was easily solvable. I turned YouTube into an official notification site to all false authority, for them to abide by my High Power—The Beginning of Eternal Goodness.

  2. It's the modem that gives you access to the internet not the router. Do we have to reboot our modems as well?

  3. What works much better is if you shoot or better yet smash the router with a hammer. Try it and let us know how much faster it is working after you are done!

  4. Yea and i had to reboot my router anyway and now my internet is not the same and I can't even update the bios and when I tried to log into it, I was told my fire TV box was controlling the router and if I wanted to disconnect it. Why was the amazon fire TV logged into my router to begin with? Just a question, doesn't need an answer 🙂

  5. The thumbnail shows a "reset", not a "reboot". There is a big difference. Just unplug and replug cycling the power to "reboot".

  6. Thanks to south Korea they have sold out . Hmm look at chips and origin then find investors and tell them ask personally what you think!!!

  7. Some American Triads are still fighting a war that has succeeded it's time. Time for peace in a rich world.

  8. FBI? Why not FCC or FTC or simple instructions on how to make your connection secure? No need to change the access code? No instructions? This appears to be a Fox television station in Hawaii. I do not like acronyms, so please allow me to clarify: The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, and the FTC is the Federal Trade Commission.

  9. If the FBI is saying it. You know it's probably bullshit. It's probably the FBI itself… You know those treasonous cowards can't be trusted.

  10. Better yet – open the next email attachment you get with the message "Urgent Notification" and everything will be fine.

  11. Sure sure let's let the spy's get easier access,can't seem to do it on their own so help them out please

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