First look at STAR WARS: RESISTANCE characters

Dave Filoni’s STAR WARS: RESISTANCE is the next animated show from Disney/Lucasfilm. We finally got a look at the characters in both the Resistance and the First Order. Both Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Captain Phasma (Gwendolyn Christie) will be featured in the show. I wonder if this show will work as a way to add the backstory to these characters that THE LAST JEDI failed to do.



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  1. I mean Rebels wasn’t perfect but it was really good from its last 2 seasons. This however, I’m not looking forward to. If it’s about resistance fighters flying around in X-Wings then I’m not going to watch. Not saying the show will be bad just saying I’m not interested.

  2. I just want them to do a more adult animated series. Rebels was good in the last couple of seasons, but the first couple were aimed obviously for kids. Theres nothing wrong with that, George Lucas always said Star Wars A New Hope was made for kids to, yet he did an amazing job making it appeal to adults. That's what I want to see, a dark gritty animated show, but this pic seems to show animation exactly the same as from Rebel's and it was crapped on by fans when that series first came out.

  3. I gave this a down vote. Not because I dislike this channel or your video. I just think the entirety of these characters and Disney Star Wars is a big let down, and a waste of time and money. I would rather watch a Star Wars cartoon set either in the Knights of the Old Republic era, or set far in the future. But this era of Star Wars, the name itself.."Resistance" and episodes 7-9 are not going to be in my viewing plans, ever again. In fact, I hope this entire debocile that KK and Disney have brought us, will die off once episode 9 is finally concluded.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the reveal of the animated General Leia. She created the Resistance so she is guaranteed to be in it. I’m curious to find out who Filoni cast to voice her. By the way, background reading prep for the show would be Claudia Gray’s novel “Bloodline” where Leia creates the Resistance and the Poe Dameron comic.

  5. I thought it was Ezra. Was wondering how they were going to explain it haha. Also, is that Capt. Cardinal? I hope so

  6. Why does this art always look like it has a screen in front of it…. I really hate current 2d animation style….

  7. Why don't they do Luke's Jedi Academy then we could find out how snoke comes into the story and how Kylo turns surely this will be done at some stage or are our expectations being diverted again?

  8. I’m not interested in this show, tbh, Star Wars is just stail at this point and I’m not interested in the sequels anymore.

  9. I trust Filloni, but I have no more excitement for Star Wars, it maybe good, but I'm still not going to watch it, because no matter how the characters progress in the show, since this is a "prequel" to the new trilogy, I know they're going to be shit characters further in the timeline in the movies.

  10. Oh yeah, Phasma another character fart head(Johnson) screwd up!oh that's right he was subverting our expectations. Idiot!!!

  11. Oh boy! Now we'll Finally get to see that iconic secene whrer someone puts R2D2 in a corner and covers him with a tarp!

  12. I'm for it! It's just weird how the best Star Wars stuff out isn't the movies, it's the cartoons and Marvel comics. Kind of like how the best stuff from Marvel is the movies and TV shows, not the comics.

  13. The one thing I was worried when Disney purchased SW is that for one thing. All Disney animation characters look the same. Same knows. Same mouth same expression

  14. Maybe Kaz is related to Ezra…..anyway, I love Ezra's character, so that would be cool, plus I LOVED Star Wars Rebels so Resistance still feels like they're trying to replace it. I'm not a fan of the sequels (or the whole sequel ERA, for that matter) so, sorry Filoni, but nope. Stop this Resistance thing and just #BringBackRebels already!

  15. Spoiler Alert: The Empire loses and the series has a happy ending

    Edit: Oh sorry, it's "The First Order" now.

  16. I hope this is more similar to Rebels than Clone Wars. Clone Wars (aside from the Netflix season 6) was way too "kiddy show" for me, whereas Rebels felt a bit more teen oriented, much more adventurous and keeping with the OT feel.

  17. I really want to like this but I just don’t know what kind of story they can tell. I feel like if they set TLJ a few years after TFA, (and TLJ didn’t suck) the show could cover what happened between the two but oh well. Goodmorning to everyone except KK and rian

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