Force Sensitive Stormtroopers: Star Wars lore

What happend when the empire decided to clone a darkside user?

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  1. All it shows is that the emperor lived in fear. In my opinion, his whole scheme against the Jedi was brilliant. But after that, everything he did will force users was a failure. The only reason why he still used Lord Vader, was because he broke him and made him who he is. All these other force users (other videos too) he quickly killed off. Yes it's the way of the sith, treason, betrayal and what not. But the emperor always went back to Vader. Why? Because he never feared Vader. The emperor feared change, and what he did not understand.

  2. Great video really enjoyed it 👌👍.

    Makes me think of Starkiller from the force unleashed games.

    Yes I think that the emperor was somewhat right about closing down the cloning process but I honestly think that the force sensitive clones could have been useful in many ways.

  3. If these clones had either been trained by Vader or Sidious himself, I think that they would have made quite an impact. I have done some extensive reading on the subject of cloning within the Star Wars universe, and I learned that in this method of cloning, the subjects were trained while being grown. If Sidious had completely thought the logistics of this project through, he could have instilled perfect loyalty from the clones by training them to think of him as the living embodiment of the dark side of the Force, and that they would be killed if they even thought about disobeying him (just like the Imperial Knights in the Fel Empire in the Legacy Era).

    If they had been programed this way, I am sure that they would have been unassailable in their conviction that their loyalty was to the Emperor, thus making them unable to be persuaded otherwise. And if they had been manufactured in vast numbers, both Vader and Sidious could have had millions of Sith soldiers on their side, which would harken back to the time of the Sith Empire and its massive body of Sith troops that were almost unstoppable.

    In my opinion, the Empire might have been much harder to defeat with these soldiers on their side, and the Jedi might have done well to do the same thing to amplify their ranks during the Clone Wars.

  4. As long as the Cloning was Restricted in terms of Supplementing Existing Forces & Replacing Loses (much like Bevel Lemelisk from Legends being Cloned & having his ‘soul’ swapped into a new body; Player’s Character in Star Wars: Galaxies respawning in a cloning facility), having clones who’re at least Mildly force sensitive could improve TIE Fighter Pilot & Foot Soldier survivability.
    The biggest problem is training in the dark side of the force, which is how they failed in the first place.

  5. I always did wonder what was with the lightsaber wielding stormtroopers, specifically the photo at 1:40 (since the guy does look an awful lot like a shaved Fett clone)

  6. I’m starting to see a pattern of the empire shutting down extremely useful assets because of contrivances that the empire was too lazy to actually try and fix the problem.(probably why all there equipment/vehicles are garbage)

  7. I would say they should have kept going, but put bombs in their Heads along with those organic chips to keep them in line.

  8. They shut that clone program down and then cloned star killer and had him slaughter people for no reason than Vader’s personal gain

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