Former Facebook Exec Chamath Palihapitiya On Social Media, Bitcoin, And Elon Musk (Full) | CNBC

Chamath Palihapitiya, owner of Golden State Warriors and former Facebook executive, addresses his recent comments on social media, his views on bitcoin, and his take on Tesla founder Elon Musk in a wide-ranging interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”
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Former Facebook Exec Chamath Palihapitiya On Social Media, Bitcoin, And Elon Musk (Full) | CNBC

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Written by frances

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  1. Chamath Is definitely telling everyone he can to invest in bitcoin. Like he said it's a confidence game and he has popular influence. Promote it in subtle ways people will listen. He protects his own investments despite how small he tries to play them.

  2. Chamath is such a smart guy! Social media depression is real, and you don't really realise it until you have no phone for a week or two…

  3. Bitcoin is not a currency! It is an asset commodity. It does not exist without computers and electricity. Cannot be compared to anything, and is very unsafe. Wake up sheeple.

  4. He was pitching buying bitcoins in Dec 2017… now you know that despite his many qualities this guy is not a financial assets genius. What is bitcoin ? A lot of energy spent to set a number that is the price of nothing. It does not take a genius to conclude there is no future in bitcoin. Bitcoin is correlated to stupidity and fraud.

  5. totally controlled lol …….. instead, tell people, "if you can figure out what bitcoin is, and you like it, invest". Let bitcoin transfer wealth to the brightest.

  6. I'm Facebook free for five years now.
    I actually now call it Nosebook.
    They are certainly nosey and love to collect information about you and sell it to anybody.
    What a painful shame.

  7. "It's ok for us but not for our children"?! Nope sorry. If it is not healthy for our children, it's not healthy for us either. We don't stop being human beings when we became adults. I stopped FB two months ago because our children follow many of our steps. Whatever we do our children always do it better.

  8. No wonder he’s a great investor. This guy can definitely think ahead. 4 months after he made those remarks, Cambridge Analytica scandal broke and everyone hates Facebook now.

  9. #4 Never get high on your own supply…

    You have a chief executive of Facebook telling us how his product works and that he doesn't use it.

  10. Multi-Millionaire who says his kids will not get screen phones without working for it. Raising them with the right ethic right there. No free pass. You gotta learn that wealth comes through hard work.

  11. Chamath calling ppl out for wanting to dance on Elon's failure is completely true. Elon's power lies in his willingness to take on risk and failure at the expense of possibly moving progress forward for our species. It's the cost of being a visionary. I'm very impressed by his analyses and his skillful ability to communicate his beliefs from such a wise perspective.

  12. What he is talking about is lazy parents buying electronics for their kids to get them to shut up instead of being parents.

  13. Bitcoin is the way the new world order will be able to watch ever cent you own and cent and tax the he'll out of you is he black or Indian I am sure he blows basketball players. The whole plan of Facebook is to uproot the famliy structure it is so simple to find the truth just look at the main stream media and you can trust they are lieing to you.

  14. Yes Chamath Palihapitiya is a business man but a smart person first which I like, he applies his well rounded intelligence to business and the economy in a helpful way and I admire that.

  15. Excuse me Mr. Palihapitiya, Facebook is more than a "product"! Using cool and technical lingo does not functionally describe how Facebook has altered human consciousness and knowingly influenced democracies around the Earth.

  16. The bitcoin stuff is rubbish, the more people invest the more he will sell out. it has no intrinsic value and the guarantee depends on those that hold the coins.

  17. The biggest Credit History Bureaus in the USA are: Experian, Equifax (company), TransUnion and they are all publicly traded private companies. They sell our private information without our permission all the time.

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