Former PayPal CEO Bill Harris Reveals Why He Thinks Bitcoin Is The Biggest Scam In History | CNBC

Bill Harris, former PayPal CEO, discusses his op-ed on why he thinks bitcoin is a scam.
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Former PayPal CEO Bill Harris Reveals Why He Thinks Bitcoin Is The Biggest Scam In History | CNBC

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Written by frances

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  1. does he know or understand or pretends to be ignorant. saved this and will post it evey year.

  2. So the Paypal CEO doesn't like Bitcoin. Well, since Bitcoin pretty much destroys their entire business model, what did you expect? Have to admit, though, that I don't like Paypal. You know whenever someone says "There's the currency and then there's the technology" and tries to distance themselves from the currency but not the technology, you are listening to a person whose business model is being disrupted by THE CURRENCY, which is exactly why they don't like it. Of course, they don't mind the technology since that alone doesn't threaten them at all (in fact, I'm sure Paypal will eventually use blockchain technology themselves).

  3. What he doesn't understand is that you can't separate the blockchain from the currency. If there's no profit incentive for others to secure your network, they won't; and if a massive network (too big to fall victim to a 51% attack) isn't securing your network then you're not using blockchain to solve the problems that blockchain solves. You've just got a slow and expensive public database. There are cheaper ways to get immutability in a public database. Blockchain without profit incentive ala cryptocurrency is like a car without wheels. I wish people would stop repeating this "Bitcoin bad blockchain good" meme as though they understood the topic.

  4. Mr Harris is shortsighted. He forgets one of the biggest fundamentals of crypto currencies and that is 95% of them are decentralized. We don’t need banks and corrupt politicians running our wealth.

  5. The people who hate on BTC are always the ones who's wealth are most threatened by it. Buffet, Monger, and Harris are just 3 examples.

  6. Why is it not one of the team argued the fact that the main bailie in bitcoin as a currency is it can’t be controlled like all the traditional fiat money?

  7. What these people are not accounting for is that these digital currencies will be use by the next new generation . There not going to be used by grandma and grandpa which only have 10 more yrs to live. Things are invented and priced into the future, meaning it's true value is priced in so many yrs into the future where the technology is developing to be used by mass adoption in maybe 15 to 20 yrs time .

  8. seriously some of these old time experts in the field of investing remind me of my parents, they think they know it all by knocking the new ideas of the new generation

  9. payPal is a Big scam ever because the fees are way too high.>>Better use doge coin less than $0.001…

  10. Funny how the only people saying bitcoin is a scam/worthless. Are people who’s current business model is directly affected by crypto/bitcoin?! Really strange that, wonder why?

  11. When we will look after 10 years on this vids and realise how this guys don t understand btc ( or they actualy do but have a different public opinion because they are scared what btc will do to their bussinisses ) we will realize what a big revolution crypto has created

  12. I fully agree with this guy 👍👍 who wins in cryptocurrency I mean seriously if you take profits you dump on someone no1 wins

  13. basically he's salty because it interferes with pay pals business being that bitcoin is p2p and doesn't need third party examples of how PayPal links to banks…

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