Fox Shareholders Will Meet to Determine Disney Sale – IGN News

Fox will vote on the $52.4 billion Disney deal, with Comcast reportedly also now in the running to purchase Fox’s assets.

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  1. Doesn’t Comcast own Universal? And universal has the movie rights to hulk. So I guess if Comcast ever wins over the deal we can at least see some form of hulk cross over with X-men and fantastic 4.

  2. Why the big buyout it just means Disney will be that much more of a monopolizer why can’t they let fox be itself at this rate if you start a business you just might get bought out sooner than you think

  3. I ain't gonna lie, my interest in this is solely MCU related and I know that's shallow, but ya know what? I don't give a damn. And Comcast has the shittiest customer service I've ever encountered. Once again, shallow, but I'll live with that.

  4. Is there a possibility of fox staying independent? Disney is growing too big and Comcast is a shitty company

  5. It's funny how the only reason I want Disney to buy Fox is so that Anastasia can be in Kingdom Hearts 4 lol. That is the best animated movie that Disney never made.

  6. The only reason this is interesting to us normal blue collar folks is the Marvel related properties in it, otherwise its just a simple big company being sold to a bigger company kinda stuff.

  7. Just imagine the other movies we'll see outside of Marvel by Disney.

    Ripley's Cat: An Alien Story
    Wet Bandits: A Home Alone Story
    X-Files: The Truth Awakens
    Annual Avatar Sequels
    Sea Captain: A Simpsons Story

    And so on. 😉

  8. Problem with Disney buying Fox is that every movie from that point (X-Men & Deadpool etc) will be Rated 12

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