FULL Hidden Customization Menu + Hidden Arcade Maps | Battlefront Update

We had a peak of the hidden developer customization menu in Star Wars Battlefront 2 the other day, but surprisingly, that was only the tip of the iceberg! As today we get a full look of the customization menu in more depth, with different skins per class available along with different alien headtypes. Toss up some hidden ingame Hero skins, an unfinished General Grievous model plus a slew of hidden Arcade maps, this Battlefront update should surely get you excited for DICE’s next content addition to the game.

“Project Resurrection” Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign DLC LEAKED [Spoilers] | Battlefront Update –

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  1. game is dying already, cannot find a HvsV match on console and if there is a match then it has barely enough to start the match

  2. I'm not sure why they don't have both sexes available for all classes. Maybe they will in the final version though. Either way, I hope they had a male First Order Officer or the female options look better than the default one. She looks like a tiny little boy ha.

  3. okay i really hope you can switch genders for your classes as i dont think its correct to be a female heavy yes thats sexist but it makes no since also the officer when playing the first order

  4. SYLO, who gives a fuck. I mean, there's a fucking Clone Trooper still alive during the New Trilogy (Kix, the 501st). I'm sure playing as a Dathormir Zabrak isn't that fucking lore breaking lol

  5. This isnt even near the full meny dude way to mislead people to watch your vid. Let alone all the zabraks werent taken out and they already said they arnt done adding to the customization menu yet so to say its full is bs. Thats a dislike here

  6. of course the dipshit shows everything, but the clones and droids other class skins. I don't fuckin care about male and females in the resistance show me some clones god damn it.

  7. Yes, you may bitch all you want about this game and how you refuse to give money to them. But $60 dollars ain’t that much and you should just be glad that there even is a current star wars game. Quit acting like children and just play the game. If bot, then thats fine, everyone has a choice to make.

  8. Of coarse go into detail about all the characters that no one gives a Fuck about. You didn't talk about the clones hardly at all. Plus you skimmed over them and never came back to them

  9. Honestly pisses me off that I can’t chose a guy for certain classes. Like, as a male, I really don’t want any of my classes to be female. No SJW bullshit btw

  10. Oh my goodness It's unfinished! Stop complaining seriously. Give Informative info not pride filled judgments. Comments about the female commanders & other unfinished things they are still working on ruins your point of this video. You're informing people. Do that, not complain.

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