Future Of Star Wars Revealed! Yoda Movie & More! Exciting News

lets go over the future of star wars when it comes to the plans by disney and lucasfilm! recently we learned the obi wan movie was in the works, its in the early stages! but thats not all we learned! disney and lucasfilm have been in active development for a yoda movie and a boba fett movie!.



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  1. Mike they never said a yoda movie or boba get movie they said they are making films featuring those characters not about them.

  2. They're proving that SW has nowhere to go outside of stories based on main OT characters. Nothing new to see here

  3. Thanks, Mike, for another great video! I think it would be cool for a Yoda movie. It could tie into the Knights of The Old Republic and introduce Yoda's beginning as a new chapter to the video game in his years as a padawan!

  4. With a Yoda origins film (or trilogy), so many new characters could be introduced. I hope it happens ! Yes, great time to be a SW fan !

  5. I still am curious about Leia's comments to Han about his jacket in
    Force Awakens. there seems to be significance there but I can't figure
    it out

  6. After rots came out a yoda movie was mentioned as a possible idea that Lucas said could happen, I'm willing to bet one of the treatments GL passed over to Disney was for yoda.

  7. They have to start making movies on new characters other than the character from the original trilogy so they could actually expand the universe

  8. a yoda movie would be awesome – but I can only take his voice in small segments per movie – a whole yoda movie with him talking in his i'm kinda shitten my pants right now voice. I dunno man. I love Frank Oz, but 2 hours of Frank Oz? Fuck that shit.

  9. I wish the stand alone films would explore people and/or time periods that don't involve the saga films…I really want a KOTO era movie

  10. Boba Fett is nothing, he never did anything worth mentioning. He was just right place, right time with a neat-o armor. Most overrated character ever.

  11. I also don't like the idea of more movies… To me it would be perfect to have a new trilogy separated of the main saga. This new trilogy should be the rogue one, han solo movie and obi-wan movie. Darth vader should apear in the 3 moveis. Boba fett should apear in the han solo movie and yoda should apear in the obiwan movie. I belive that the han solo movie should begin with a fight between darth vader and fugitive old jedi master. Master that has an aprentice (emilia clarke) who is then given a mission by is master before he is killed by darth vader (maybe help galen erso to run away from the empire). Then she meets han solo and hire him to be "the driver". While she is ploting to help Galen darth vader hires bounty hunter (including Boba feet) to find this new generation jedi (emila clark) and kill her. In the end she is killed by boba feet but not before accomplishing the mission of placing galen erso in a secret planet (the one in the beggining of rogue one). Regarding obiwan movie, It should feature an attempt by obiwan kenobi to recruit jedies, while saving them, (some of them are killed in the movie by darth vader – and you will see this race from obiwan to try to avoid jedi to be hunted down by darth-vader), to assassinate darth vader while he is vulnerable in the bacta tank (Darth Vader only uses the suit when he has a mission). Unfortunately one of the hidden jedi (one from the old jedi cousil) declines to go with obi-wan because he believes in the path of the chosen one and he is caught later in the begining of han solo movie. Darth vader and emperor find out not about obi-wan’s whereabouts but about obi-wan’s plans to assassinate vader. Meanwhile all jedies are assembled in Daghoba and yoda also refuses to go with obi-wan because he chose to patiently wait for the unfold of the force’s will (the hope in one of the offspring of vader). In the end, the assassination attempt of darth vader is a fiasco, and mainly, what obi-wan ends up doing is to lead all the remaining jedies and some rebel forces into a trap in the castle, to be slaughter by darth vader and palpatine team up. Only obi-wan survives rescued by Bail Organa. Also you will be more aware of the hierarchy of vader, krenic, tarkin and the emperor’s advisers.

    Like Rogue one this film could justify some facts in the main saga! For instance: Luke while in dagoobah said: "Something familiar with this place" it might be the case where obiwan was frieds to uncle owen and try to start luke's training, taking him to yoda. Now you can also justify the animosity of uncle owen towards obiwan. And can be exactly this intrigue between them that can prevent obiwan for be present in the "surprise"atack (actualy, after it ceased being a surprise and becoming a trap)

  12. Instead of making more movies of this era they should go back millions of years and make a tc show intercalted with movies. The Tv show could be inspirated by tv shows like game of thrones (with its power games extrapolated to space) and Dragon ball z (more precisely the Freeza saga and sayajin). In this Tv show they could feature snoke, and maybe is twin brother, and also explain the artifacts and why does the sith have alway red light saber etc… They might explain the division of sith and jedi (when the interpretation of the force fragmented). To do so they might consider pick up elements of The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire

  13. Yoda movie?! Don't know how I feel about this. It is exciting but a movie about Sidious would be more interesting I know there is things in cannon about him but I'd like to see a Sidious standalone film.
    I'll see the Obi Wan, Yoda and Han Solo movie but since I'm not a huge Boba Fett fan I'll skip that one.

  14. I love Yoda, but the Star Wars universe is a vast place. I think Disney and Lucasfilm can do better than picking out established characters and giving us solo movies about them. The same goes for Boba Fett and Obi-wan, as far as I'm concerned. We need new characters and new stories.

  15. Thumbs up on the Fett movie. This can only open more doors to other characters or cross paths, like Jabba & new characters like Fett having to fight against other Mandalorians. A Dash Rendar film would be awesome !

  16. QGJ movie where Liam Neeson releases The Kraken Rancor and kills some dudes who kidnapped twilek girls to be sold into sex trade.

  17. Boba Fett? Sure.. Yoda? Not so much. I think the shock of seeing him 30 years younger in The Phantom Menace has never left me. Logically it will probably have to be done, as when you get down to it, there aren't that many characters that would get there name in the hat for a spin off. Where do you go after that? I can now understand why JJ Abrams said he'd like to see a Kights of Ren spin off. There just aren't that many characters! Thrawn? I would live to see Starkiller on the big screen personally.

  18. Why did the Yoda film rumors catch you by surprise? Rumors of it have been broadly circulating since the Disney acquisition. I'm pretty sure you even covered those rumors at some point?

  19. I thought leaving yoda's past as a mystery was best, too, but even if they fleshed out his past, there will always be questions about HIS master's background, events that happened between the Yoda movie & phantom menace, etc., so as long as they make it interesting & entertaining, why not?

  20. As much as I like the small green one, I don't think I could stand an entire movie of his particular speech pattern.

  21. Who will play Boba Fett? will they get the guy from Episode 2 that played Jango? or will the camera never see his face, like Master Chief? so it could be anybody…

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