Game Of Thrones Bran Night King Theory Exposed! Star Wars The Last Jedi And More! – Episode 13

Game Of Thrones Bran Night King Theory Exposed! Star Wars The Last Jedi And More! – Episode 13

Game Of Thrones Bran / Night King Theory Exposed, Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi, The Walking Dead and more! Welcome to The Side Effect Podcast! A Pop culture entertainment podcast featuring YouTubers Val from Because Geek, Tarzan from Trial By Trivia, Kevin from The Batt Productions, Chris from SmokeScreen, as well as Rawrist. This week we discuss the Game Of Thrones Season 8, Star Wars Episode 9 News, The Walking Dead and more! Thanks for experiencing the side effect!

Game Of Thrones Theory: 14:14
Star Wars The Last Jedi: 49:09
Entertainment News: 1:09:21
Smash Or Trash: 1:25:14
Question Of The Week: 1:37:18

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  1. All I need is a cooler Bran, the thing is I loved him in Season 1, like in this picture he got be more misterious, like drunk with power, realizing he can create an army of animals or even people, so he doesn't turn intu the Night's King but his version the Dark King. Like a Tyrant.

    He was just too underwellming for so long, and I wanted him to be cool.

  2. About the whole discussion about the Night King: Fist off, this is why timetravel is stupid, it just creates dumb loopholes and confusion. Second, since this would be a huge story point that will have a huge impact on the ending and the Night Kind doesn't really exist in the book and the ending should at least be similar, it doesn't make sense for Bran to end that way.

  3. #Q. Puff, Sapphira, Toothless, Phillbert, brick, lefty, duck, and backfire.

    As for the shows i would smash I actually like most of the CW superheros shows though they are a bit corny and low budget at times. Supergirl could be great if it cared as much about story lines as it does about politics. The Gifted is awesome, Inhumans is going to be one of the shows I am going to give a chance just because of the hate it is getting.

    It was fun listening to Val try and play devils advocate to a bad theory. Personal from the books I think that Bran will end up being the most powerful skin-changer and will end up warging someone other than Hodor just because GRRM made it a point to say others could not and having one person fight off a dying skin-changers attempt to latch on.

    On a side not since the show has had Bran affect the past with calling his fathers name it makes sense, fantasy wise, that while visiting the past Hodor and warding the present on to hold the door that wires would be crossed.

  4. Thanks for the shout out @ 9:37, can't believe what I wrote last week. lol gruesome

    No mention/discussion of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie in post-production with a 2018 release date?

    #Q Crotchfyre

  5. I learned about Bran is the Night King theory from Nex Game of theories. His video is really great, and I think is responsible for this theories popularity. I wouldn't mind it being true. After reading the books, the show is the option 3 cousin and the books are the valedictorian. I love both, but the show takes a lot more patience, doesn't quite make sense, and at times very difficult to deal with.

  6. Hey everyone, we're sorry about the delays and for not communicating properly. We went through a rough patch but we're now back on track! And the podcast should go back to a weekly basis. We'll keep you updated though. Thanks for sticking around!

  7. I'm really not a big fan of the "Bran being the Nightking theory" either…. and most of the counter arguments just make more sense…. like Hodors eyes being turned backwarts or.. "whited" whenever bran warged him, the guy that turned into the nightking had normal eyes.
    However…. nothing is sure yet, not until GRRM or D&D reveal it. It's GRRM his universe and he is the one that decides how things go and how things work. So i always try to keep that in mind…… the cool thing though is that would it turn out to be true, it be somekind of twist … atleast for me personally because i would have excluded it previously, so yeah that's just kind of cool.
    Val's explanation about a future bran… going at somepoint into greensight mode to the past…. getting stuck there while warging the person that becomes the nightking. That point is valid enough to make sense to the story, if all the rest of the "If's" of the theory are true aswell. Future Bran's physical body would eventually die while his mind is stuck inside the nightkings body. But even that situation comes with a shitload of arguments that would oppose or agree with the theory. So it's just too much " If's" still.
    And the other parts of this theory are just not as elegant as some other theory's…. that for me personally make more sense to be true.
    Chris mentioned a bloodraven, trying to convince the mad king about the white walkers…. and that experience just went horribly wrong. That theory is just alot more elegant to the story. Bloodraven is a Targaryan bastard, has been around Targaryan kings his whole life… he served the realm and the royal court. It would make alot of sense for Bloodraven in his greensight mode to try to warn a Targaryan King, like AerysII about the white walkers. And that just went horribly wrong.

    I wrote a proposal, trying to explain parts of the "Greenseer" mechanics….. highly depending on the mechanics of "Timewhispers"
    It's a decent proposal…. and it can easily fall if "Timewhispers" turn out to be impossible in the story.
    In some of you guys past video's, i posted the proposal, but i'd like to post it in this channel aswell. It's a really long read… so just skip it if you dont care or…. get some coffee, maybe scedule it in the agenda or just make sometime for it to read if your interested so.

    "Timewhisper Mechanics Proposal"
    I like the idea that the "Ink is dry" isn't the whole story when Bloodraven mentions it. But rather a feature for Bran to discover with care. Instead of Bran having it spoon fed from Bloodraven. Wich should make Bran more thoughtfull when using it, because spoonfeeding often lacks some discipline.
    Like the Ink….. a word, or an interaction with someone else, only counts when that interaction happens. If interaction happens, as with Bran calling out "Father" to young Ned and Ned hearing a voice somewere and reacting to it. Then it means the Ink is dry and i believe Bran is able to interact trough his visions in this manner, as somekind of Timewhisperer.
    Like when Ned turned around, presumably reacting to Bran's voice saying "Father"….. That moment is determined to always happen. If Bran visits that moment again, Ned will always turn around, presumably reacting to the first time Bran called out for him.

    With Schrodingers cat, the awfull 1935 metaphore about a scenario were a cat in a box is both alive and dead….. until someone observes in the box to determine it's final state. Observing creates the event for the "real" observed state of the cat. So….. When bran interacts in his visions with other people, as with the cat, That when they observe the cat in the box or react to the voice that only they hear. That moment of how people behave means "The Ink is Dry"
    When Bloodraven says to Bran "The past is allready written, the Ink is Dry" he says it as a warning. How the show portrayed the scene with Ned, they really hinted at the notion of bran being able to interact trough his visions with people from the past.
    And the show, did this very clever, as they do with alot of situations to create just that right amount of space, open for the viewer to speculate on. And i believe this comes from GRRM's writing, as he does this aswell.
    So when he told bran, about the "The past is allready written, the Ink is Dry" it came off as a warning, like saying, don't do this kind of thing.

    This leaves to speculate, about bloodraven's experiences about the topic. Perhaps he also tried to influence the past, trying to warn the Mad King about the white walkers….. but his actions perhaps caused the mad king to go more and more mad, hearing all those voices.
    An important thing about the notion of…. timetravel, timewhispers, greensight or even the possibility about changing the future. Those kind of mechanics are for GRRM to reveal. He is the only one to create the "real" mechanics in his fictional universe. And there is still the possibility that those mechanics can differ slightly between books and show. It is also possible…. that GRRM is still pondering about these mechanics himself. He might have had a rough guideline placed out a decade ago but with technology and science progressing and changing, why not wait and ponder until a solid solution to explain the mechanics can be given that fits the actual era.

    So speculating that bloodraven's experiences with timewhispers went horribly wrong and therefor trying to warn bran about it. Bloodraven's bad experiences might not ultimatly mean that timewhispering is always a bad thing, but perhaps rather depending on the situation and the person the whispers happen to.

    Ned is a good, down to earth person. Perhaps bran is able to whisper to him and he would not go mad about it.
    When bran goes back the second time to the tower of Joy.
    Ned still turns around, but we don't see previous bran and bloodraven in the scene, or hear bran's previous shouting.
    Now if this was done intentionally or unintentionally in the show is yet to be seen but lets speculate this was done intentionally.

    So what if Ned did actually hear bran the first time. And had bran called out something again in his 2nd visit.
    Then Ned would have heard bran's voice from both visits.
    But would bran visit that same moment again a 3rd time and shouted something to Ned, Bran would not have heard his previous attempts. But Ned would have.

    So if bran kept spamming that same moment in time to Ned, for Ned it would be experienced as something really crazy, hearing all those different voices.
    Maybe this is something Bloodraven did to the Mad King, but he could not know about the spamming, because he didnt hear or see his previous attempts….. he would just go back to that same moment in time and try to get the Mad King's attention and warn him for the rise of the White Walkers.

    If Bran would learn to be carefull when trying to interact with someone, maybe spread out trough time, just to visit them on different moments in time, but never go back to the same moment twice….. only once to prevent "timespamming"
    Maybe then he could have positive results.
    Like when Ned sits in the godswood at winterfell, below their weirwood tree. Bran could visit him on different occasions trough time and just carefully talk to a calm and relaxed Ned.

  8. #Q The only name I can see the Targaryen's never using is Hodor. I just can't see any of them calling their dragon and saying:

  9. Val said my name!!! Val you are awesome & entertaining!! You keep me laughing!! You are just adorable!!
    I’ve loved Lucifer since it first came out

  10. This is why time travel is such a difficult trope to pull off: you can't easily escape the inherent paradox. Rule of thumb is the simpler the better, as the more complicated the time travel story arc, the more likely it is to run head-on into the paradox.

  11. Bran can be imprisoned in night king's body when he realize he can't control him by warging like the movie Get Out for example where lady did the hit the cup thing and dude loss control of his body and was in like a dark prison.. or how professor Klump was trying fight reggie love in his own body like The Nutty Professor…I hope this help cause you gave me a time traveling headache

  12. I don't believe the Bran Night King theory will be shown in the show, however Val did a good job at giving arguements – thank you Val – while the others made me angry at their total inability to understand her points. It's not that hard! And you guys are supposed to be experts in your field! What boils down to "I don't think so" is not debunking proof, that is not an intelligent response, and that massively hurt the quality of the debate. If the No sure are this weak at debating, the subject matter, they shouldn't be debating it. Talk about something else, or get some others on to debate the topic properly. It's not that hard to argue against Vals points with logic instead of feeling. This idiocy only hurts their own credibility and ultimately their own channel popularity. I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean but the No sides inability to debate Vals points properly was very, very annoying after a while.

  13. #Question The second name I would never use to name a dragon if I was a Targaryen is:
    Somehow the High Valerian word for fire just screams to me problems.

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