Goldman Sachs Supporting a Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Bull Market!? | CNBC Fast Money

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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Written by frances

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  1. Really like how you make these videos with the news man, I watch them daily. Been in crypto for 4 years and I can't stand most crypto youtubers to be honest. Your channel is different, the copyright does suck though, an alternative may be LBRY (LBRY credits) or DTube (Steemit), both really respected altcoin projects where your content won't be taken down.

  2. I appreciate you getting these clips to us, but at the same time I don’t understand how you are surprised that what you have been doing is copyright infringement. Lol.

    Playing a 3 min CNBC video and at the end of it saying “that’s interesting” doesn’t cut it 😀

  3. institutions will ultimately dry up the massive volatility we will see these next 12-18 months… get in while the water is oh sooooooo warm !!!!

  4. Very confused…please help. First you say you've been wary of GS getting into the market and one reason that you've been staying 'out'. But then you say this is very positive??? So…

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  6. Not good news, did you forget Golman Sachs is one of the whales, they are attracting small guys to profit before the G20 summit in July about the regulation.

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  8. too right man, Goldman Sachs rules the world. Also uncomfortable buying at these levels. I bought at $6500 last month but sold a bit too early. Not gonna let that stop me from buying now though

  9. 24/7 Cryptocurrency news
    stop copyright infringing, stop interrupting the news, stop talking, stop youtube

  10. This is good for the short term but the long term its bad… these are the banks and all they want to do is make, control and maliplate the markets just like the stock right now… They control it all. Who has the money has the power

  11. hey champ – Im an avid fan of your videos. Just 1 sugestion if I may, Im finding it quite annoying when you constantly interject/intervene when the CNBC Fast Money speakers are talking. I suggest you go back to your old way and wait until they are finished because these constant interjections are breaking up the flow of what the speaker is trying to say. Just my opinion thats all, Your call – keep up the good work champ!

  12. This is just my opinion but they specially said futures contracts, which means they don’t have to put a dime in the actual crypto markets, I think this is setting us up for more hype volatility. Which is good for traders, bad for hodlers.

  13. Lol you guys are cluess thinking that crypto can be manipulated your telling me that they will be able to control all the exchanges in the world which is not possible

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  16. thanks for your channel very informative, if you can read between the lines you will do fine in crypto

  17. thank you for all you do mate appreciate the content even short ones makes since of your work and comments thank you don't worry keep it

  18. Dude, Goldman has been buyiny since last year. When they tell you on tv that they started buying it means it's time to sell

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