Han Solo Trailer UPDATE – Star Wars News Explained

With Star Wars The Last Jedi slowing down, and the realization of Luke Skywalker, Snoke, Kylo Ren and Rey, sinking in…the next movie on the horizon is the Han Solo film. When will the trailer be released?
What could we expect?
Darth Vader and Boba Fett will be in it…could Palpatine at least be mentioned?



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  1. Not going to lie, the Solo movie is personally my least movie to be excited over. It just is not needed and it doesn't have a good Han. Ansel Elgort would have been better.

  2. I'm excited for this movie because I want to see a new side the the universe that we know and love. The lower class of the galaxy and I hope that Vader is in one scene in imperial propaganda as a hologram destroying rebels. Showing the might of the empire because Vader was created by Sidious. to spread fear across the Galaxy

  3. Just had a thought. So you know how Han seems to not believe in the force? what if it's all a ruse to try and convince luke not to go Jedi, as Han knows they were all hunted down. I mean, you don't call someone kid without feeling a degree of protectiveness for them.

  4. I wanna see Greedo because we can understand from the scene in Moss Eisley that Han has definitely seen greedo before because he knows his name.

  5. I love me some Boba Fett maybe he won’t be useless this time around. Greedo would be cool. More imperial presence and hunt for Jedi. Chewies bowcaster. Jabba. Vader obviously. It’d be cool to run across other characters too like ventress or kanan jarus or mace windu even if it’s just a glimpse. I mean his body was never recovered ya know. And the kessel run. And I’d love to see slave 1 and the falcon have some aerobatics.

  6. Will anyone really want to see this movie now that J. J. Abbrams just took a massive dump on the Han Solo character?  Force Awakens has the scoundrel-smuggler turned war-hero  into a deadbeat Loser who got killed off in an absolutely insulting way.  Movie goers wanted to see the backstory of a hero in making but they will instead get the story of a man that died a Loser who was murdered and thrown away like trash.

  7. Who is more awesome?Star Lord or Han Solo?I know it’s two different universes but I think it’s a great question

  8. 3 Main Villians (SPOILERS)
    1st – Darth Vader could have a fighting scene like at the end of rogue one
    2nd – Boba Fett might be the second villian that also plays a legit fighting scene
    3rd – Darth Maul, he might not be in but if you saw in the rebels he had a fighting scene with Obi Wan Kenobi

  9. They said all the same stuff about Rogue One and most people enjoyed that very much. This can be fun–if you just enjoy it. As long as they have fun too—edit it well and with a new theme from John Williams–it should be fine. Also–fun F/X and cameos can't hurt.

  10. You cannot replace Harrison Ford—he is unique. So, just let that go–if you watch it scrutinizing him for a Harrison clone—it'll be a let down for sure.

  11. Darth Vader cameo's during a hologram video during his battles arcoss the universe..and obi 1 and darth maul fight THERE ALL QUICK NOT VERY LONG CAMEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!(beyonce knowles DIRECTED movie..the ONLY STAR WARS MOVIE TO HAVE NO TRAILER MONTHS BEFORE IT DROP'S!!!!

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