Handcuffed Man Pulls Gun FROM HIS RECTUM And Shoots At Cops

“A known criminal and drug user fired at Denver police last month using a gun he had hidden in his butt cheeks.

“Isaac Vigil, 32, was already in handcuffs and despite having been frisked three times still managed to pull out the gun and fire at officers outside District 4 Police Station in Denver, Colorado.
The incident occurred on May 14 after local narcotics detectives spotted Vigil smoking meth in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Detectives attempted to frisk Vigil, but had difficulty and described him as acting in a ‘highly agitated’ and ‘squirrelly’ fashion.

“During that first attempt to frisk him, a knife allegedly fell from Vigil’s waistband. The detectives also found a crack pipe.” *

Cenk Uygur ( and Gina Grad ( of the Pretty Good Podcast discuss.

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  1. I am highly suspicious of the police's story here. a gun out of his ass while handcuffed and got shots off? i think not.

  2. This is exactly the kind of stuff Cenk is always saying is ludicrous and would never happen when cops act cautious.

  3. I don't even believe this story…cops probably shot at themselves, and they planted the rest of the stuff…

  4. Yeah, becoming very clear that this new source has definitely been "hijacked"!  Anyone else out there that has been handcuffed by police before will tell you how impossible to accomplish this would be.  Bullshit story or another case of gun happy cop cover up!! 

  5. Props to the cops for not killing this guy. I've seen too many stories where authorities shoot someone a dozen times rather than first attempting to wound them.

  6. Lol a the first time I seen this guy pic he a motherfucker that luv to put thing in his asshole.

  7. First of al the breakfast culb Donkey of day in Dj academics are late for some Richgang behavior. Ight here how do u hide al that up one asshole in less he been rip open by his Bea.,lol

  8. Iam sorry I can't get shot by a Richgang ass niggaer handcuffed behind his back with a 45hand gun in his asahole now thats a fuck up way to

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