Hillary Holds Book Signing At Costco, Gets a Nasty Surprise After Shoppers See What She Did

Hillary Holds Book Signing At Costco, Gets a Nasty Surprise After Shoppers See What She Did
Last October, Hillary Clinton thought she had the election all wrapped up. In her mind, there was no way that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency. Without a doubt when election night rolled around she would be giving her victory speech and liberals and she would live happily ever after.
Fortunately for everybody, that did not happen and Donald Trump became the next POTUS. Liberals cried and Conservatives rejoiced. After the election, Hillary disappeared from the public eye for a short time, and many people hoped it would be the last we would ever hear from her. That was too good to be true. Months later she reemerged and began promoting her memoirs of the 2016 elections.

Recently, Hillary was promoting her book at Costco while offering to sign copies to her adoring fans. It is fitting that she wound up at a bulk discount store, but it’s what was going on outside that had Hillary steaming.

According to CTPost:

BROOKFIELD — There hasn’t been much to laugh about for Hillary Clinton. Not when you win the popular vote, but lose the election to Donald Trump.
But nestled beneath pallets of paper towels and Poland Spring at the back of Costco warehouse in Brookfield, Clinton LOL’d – laughed out loud — Saturday, as she signed copies of her memoir “What Happened” for about 1,000 diehards.
Many of them had camped out overnight, including Deserie Sargent, whose “I’m with nasty” pin and “covfefe #resist” hat — a dig at Trump’s Twitter typo — provided a moment of levity for Clinton.
“It was worth it,” Sargent said.
The Stratford resident arrived there at 2 a.m. — early by most shoppers’ standards but eight hours later than Eric Bosco-Schmidt and his husband, Tony Bosco-Schmidt, who with their son, Tyler, 9, and daughter, Maya, 16, were first in line to meet Clinton.

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