How Facebook creates a profile from your data to sell to advertisers

Micro-targeting is the strategy used to create highly specific advertisements to narrowly-targeted groups. This is a tactic used by many, many industries — but arguably no one has mastered the art of micro-targeting like politicians. Jeff Semple explains how companies can turn your Facebook profile into a psychological profile in the latest episode of Global News’ explainer video series.

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  1. This "report" is Not about Facebook. It is a deceptive production by Global News that is attempting to influence political opinion in an indirect way. Global News is a Fake News organisation. Shameful.

  2. Global News:
    Can you and/or some entity reading this, find out and publish the supposed 4000 – 5000 data points that Cambridge Analytica utilized against their own fellow human beings??? An enquiring mind would like to know.

  3. Want to know the solution? Education. Specifically, education for the general public on marketing strategies. If you know the strategy, you know how to identify when you're being played.

  4. Facebook and Global News represent but two of the many challenges intelligent Canadians have to deal with daily.

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