How to Guard Against China’s New, Advanced Hackers

Apr.06 — Digital Defense is a live webcast featuring Bloomberg Technology cybercrimes reporter Jordan Robertson. This week, as President Donald Trump meets Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida, Jordan will take a look at what we know about Chinese state hackers and how their attacks might affect you. Jordan will take questions from the audience. Watch every Thursday on, Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. Are transcripts available for this? I'm curious if there are periods at the end of his sentences or a bunch of ahhhs instead.

  2. Can't a person of influence "spoof" all this information the Chinese have been collecting?

    At one time, every time I performed a financial transaction online. I re-installed a more secure operating system and the minimal amount of software required to perform the transaction. On a computer that was just used for this purpose. You could also receive email on a separate computer. Computers are so inexpensive nowadays.

  3. Good to know these strategies of hacking. However, it would be interesting to know more in detail about the point of initiation of attack. How the website was compromised? Was that a vulnerability of the platform or some dev screwed up? How exactly do they inserted the malicious code? Unless you can reveal those sort of info this doesn't help anyone. It's like I know something is harmful, but i don't know what to do about it (Obviously we can't stop signing up for these things :P)

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