howto not get hacked and bitcoin news update segwit2x hardfork

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  1. Even the ACLU said they can assemble in Charlottesville. antifa is a terrorist organization. Look up eric clanton, bike lock.

  2. No one gives a shit about Litecoin. Litecoin is not faster because of SegWit, it is faster because its block times are 4x more frequent… so yeah, confirmation time will be faster, but also because Litecoin doesn't have anywhere near as much market cap and number of transactions, the block size limit is not an issue. If Litecoin was to have heaps more transactions, and it would have to be 4x more then what Bitcoin has in order to achieve transaction capacity parity, then the scaling issue would start showing.

    Also, you are wrong to blame everyone else for any FUD, all of this was caused by Blockstream and Core unwillingness to play fair, they are the ones that lied and spread fear about hard fork (which Bitcoin Cash proved is no danger at all), they are the ones accusing miners of cheating, they are the ones making personal attacks which are not based on facts, they are the ones that spread lies about ASIM being a cheat, which its not… they are the ones that have censorhip on r/bitcoin part of the forums, while I see now such thing on r/btc part of the forum.

    I can see people like Tone Vays, Bitcoin Meister, and many others, now you included, being Core advocates, part of the "gang" so to speak… and you continue to spread lies and accusations about others… but it is YOU (Blockstream/Core/Tone/etc) that are the ones that are in the wrong all this time.

    Omar did a great video… he only presented what someone else wrote about Core and their lies and censorship… since when is that bad? Isn't free press, free market, free anything supposed to allow opposing views to be heard, have people freely talk against the things others do…. Core and their advocates started doing it first as far as I've noticed, so it is fine for them to talk bad about others, even when they are not correct, but its not alright someone calling them out on their lies and bullshit.

    I have tried to make sense into you, I thought you were a honest guy that wanted to know the truth, well your actions have showed that you are not that kind of guy.

    Bitcoin is not meant to be a dictatorship, and that is what Core have created… and you and others are still surprised when miners have had enough and forked, and by doing so proved that Core are liars and that Core version is nothing but centralisation, and not decentralisation as they want people to believe… well some of us are not that stupid.

    Core/Blocksteram are shitheads, they are liars, and they are cunts for accusing others of things they do… and you want to support them? Be my guest.

  3. What gonna happen if your friends cellphone number has been changed but he didn't notify you…? Then you have no way to get your code… 🙁

  4. Most important…
    Kèep your mouth shut about how much crypto you own! You have as much chance of winning the power ball lottery as you do getting hacked if dont make yourself a target.

    This is how hackers pick their targets . Cypto holders with huge egos and big mouths get hacked.

  5. That's funny… Free speech ?
    Wait to you get wind of the new law about to be put through congress.
    Any person or company who publicly advocates for BDS in person or on social media will be subject to a $250,000 and up to a $1,000,000 fine and 20 years in prison.

    BDS : Boycott Divestment and Sanctions.

  6. Great video Ozzy. Could not catch the live stream. I was sleeping by then. Needed my beauty sleep!

  7. 4O thousand subs means squat!
    You need to look at the views.
    I'm certain that many others like my self no longer watch Omars channel and have not yet unsubscribed.

  8. Ozzy your channel amazing , you are a real guy *speak out what you think * tipps for Giveaway try maybe it will help next time big thumps UP to the Community

  9. missed the live feed but want to tell you, you are a excelent roll model your famn is lucky to have you around peace my brother

  10. I missed this and it's too bad that Ed didn't miss it too.  I unsubed Crypt0 from the last video when he started his pump.  He is a pump now more than anything else. I am taking care of the phone and email now.  Thank you.

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