HUGE LEGO Star Wars Takodana Moc

Hey guys, Luke (and Sam, even though I didn’t build this, just want to be included 😉 ) from First Order Legos here, today I’m showing you my LEGO Star Wars Takodana Moc that I’ve been working on. It took quite a long time to build it and a TON of time to edit it out (especially with finding the right music).
The Moc is based of episode VII The Force Awakens. There are a few scenes that I tried to capture in this moc (The one with Finn and TR-8R fighting,the one when Rey is running from Kylo Ren etc.)

Please support this vide as much as you can. It means a TON.
This moc is also an entry to a few contests(ALB,TB,LMM,PD,LG,BBS.)
Some info on the Moc:
-It took me around 4 days to complete. Though I worked a lot on it every day (since I was on holidays).
-It’s a 96×96 studs moc.
-It contains 23 minifigs and an unknown amount of pieces 😛
—————————— PLEASE — SHARE —————————————-
Don’t judge me heh – Sam

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  1. Nice moc! That most have taken a lot of time to make and I love the detail I am defiantly gonna share this video! I watched the whole video

  2. Beautiful moc! Thinking about making one myself when i get Rens command shuttle and the first order transport for Christmas

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