HUGE NEWS Star Wars EPISODE 9 WORKING TITLE Reveal and What it Means! (SPOILERS)

Star Wars The Last Jedi is leaving us without words, but what Episode 9’s NEW WORKING TITLE means or COULD mean is very promising and interesting to say the least. What do you think this title alludes to? Snoke? Yoda? Luke Skywalker? Rey? New force ghosts? Anakin? Obi-Wan?

Remember, Yoda said…Lumious beings, are we, not this crude matter…

Let me know your thoughts!!
Have an awesome day and may the FORCE be with you, always!!!


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What do you think?

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  1. first of all i Freaking love these videos from yah Star wars theory ive been watching some everyday and am a huge fan keep em coming but for my theory on esp 9 with the title now known as black diamond i reckon it will show of course how Snoke claimed the diamond from Vaders castle after i reckon vader had invited him too a meeting too then tell at the meeting he wants snoke too become a strong ruler of his own and take this diamond too his own possess and after vader it tells him too force Ben Kylo ren too the darkside which then Snoke gets into kylo's head and kylo then gets drawn into it which then luke feels it which causes the stir of luke and him in the hut but thats all i can think of that'll occur in the episode but i really think like many others that Snoke is not dead cause i agree on like you said i reckon Kylo and Snoke planned it as i reckon Snoke was casting the projection and kylo doing wat he did make it look like all Evil is gone too happen infront of rey cause kylo killed his father with no hesitation and tried too kill his mother thats as evil you can get in star wars i can never see him going back too the light side again unless he does like Vader did turning good before knowing hed die from doing something good thats why i reckon Snoke is not dead too fool everyone and show everyone hes not as dumb as everyone thinks of him but only my thought aswell ahaha

  2. you all really want to know what's coming in episode 9 just wait and see it that's what's coming stop messing up Star Wars movies with you all thinking you know what's going to be because you wanted to be that way so just wait stop thinking you know because to be honest none of you know so stop I'm pretty pleased with episode 7 and 8 and look forward to 9 I enjoyed them because I was expecting to see Star Wars not expecting to see what a bunch of think they know it all is saying cuz you don't so go in expecting to watch Star Wars and then maybe you might enjoy it not the story you and your friends made up

  3. "Black Diamond" is also a ski term for a steep slope. …very appropriate as this trilogy has been one short, slippery slide into garbage. Prepare to be ultimately disappointed in Ep9.

  4. BOTTOM LINE, We as fans look REALLY DEEP into the stories but when the Hollywood scum makes a star wars film they NEVER go that deep. Everything is very cut and dry black and white. They dont think like TRUE fans think. They have a very simple message and that message is LIBTARD IDEOLOGY, They could care less about REAL Star Wars content that would have all of us going nuts with enjoyment. Its about getting the most tickets sold and the most toys sold THATS IT! We need an offshoot that will do Star Wars films that are ultra violent and Dark just like the SWU REALLY IS. Some day but not anytime soon.

  5. I love your videos! Seems unlikely such a powerful Force users like Snoke would be so easily killed. I'm Reylo trash but being realistic if Snoke used the Force on Hux from (assuming here) light-years away….like I said highly doubtful he is truly dead. OH! And for Kylo and Force projections…in TLJ during Rey and Kylo's first ForceCall, Rey insults him an he mutters very quietly that she couldn't be doing this that it would kill her. SO it hints that Kylo possibly knows about Force projection and if he does then how? Since it's not such a common ability…And we know he strong in the Force since in TFA he fights Rey with a Bowcaster wound. Since throughout TFA we see Chewie killing time and time again with one shot…

  6. Snoke is not dead, he was too early to die, I think in Episode 9 Starkiller Base 2 will be created and Luke gives advice to Rey how to defeat Kylo, and plus he still knows who Rey's parents are, without him, Rey would be another lonely Jedi, I also think Kylo's lightsaber will change to a claymore saber and at the end, Rey is reunited with her parents on Jakku, this is my theory I have nothing against star wars or Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, let me know what you think in the reply selection!

  7. We will still get screwed thanks to SJW's dictating what is correct for the general public to see not starwars fans…More politics……

  8. Maybe the ring used to belong to darth plagus, remember the story palatine told anakin and maybe it's the ring that is secret to trick death that only one achieved. But palatine had not worked it out hence his buckle in the story about not being able to save himself (might not of been able to get it at the end?) Vader found the ring and worked it out but kept it in his castle, it was of no use at the end not being on him? Hence his "exemplary life" description and admiration by snoke? Maybe?

  9. Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 it will connect them all hmmm. What if snoke is plagueis and while fucking around with mediclorian like he could he created Anikin and thats why his sooo into vader he wears a black Diamond ring from his grave if I'm not wrong and is always on kylo about being like vader and how great vader is, he sees vader as his son, we also know that the emperor in the end of the first trilogy was feeling something calling to him from uncharted territory i think that was snoke.. and its definitely not a coincidence that his first order troops resembles the clones armor or the empires armor…if he is plagueis than it was his plan from before phantom menace to take over, plagueis was the one that convinced siyfo diaz to creat an army for the Republic and he definitely shared his plan with his apprentice before he killed him and took it as his own.

  10. Kylo is powerless against Snoke and Snoke shouldn't be permanently gone. Snoke's words seemed eternal, but knowing Disney…he could be gone as a tool to advance Kylo (boo). in EU Palpatine transfered essence and Snoke said "I hoped you would be another Darth Vader" that's either relevant or Disney's oddness. I was insulted at the end, having Luke say "what do you think, I'll light up a lightsaber and do stuff" – yes! At the end I truly expected a force shield then walk forward and crush the walkers… Rey's lineage could be a reincarnation of Obi Wan (hearing his voices) and Luke can materialize into a real person for ep. 9. People I know emailed Disney to suggest these and more, I suggest everyone to do that too. I will. We only get one more chance.

  11. Black Diamond is going to be a gel-like form of black matter that allows Rey to travel back in time to warn herself to never engage with BB8 in Jakku. Therefore erasing The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi from the timeline. Sound familiar? lol

  12. Revealing that Rey is Anakin and have her end the war so it could be the fall of Anakin Represent the prequels Vader’s returns to the light represents the original trilogy and this as Anakin’s redemption to bring peace to the galaxy in a different body

  13. Here's my Theory of what the next title will be. Hear me out on This!

    In the last Jedi Luke says "The Rebellion is Reborn today…" (roughly at the 2:16:10 mark).
    i feel like this is a foreshadowing of whats going to happen in episode 9. Even kylo ren says "The RESISTANCE is dead", he says this first before luke rebutals. this right here pretty much says they're [Resistance] defeated but there is still hope… just like what the Rebels are built on! Lastly i've noticed since Episode 8, Every star wars movie started with "The". Such as, THE Force Awakens & THE Last Jedi. Now Think of this…

    Star Wars Episode 9…The New Rebellion

  14. Star Wars Theory: Ah, yes this working title called black diamond dose in fact relate to snoke matter of fact that black stone on snokes finger could be a part for him to revive and come back just like Darth plagis the wise…😱 what if snoke is Darth plagis? Because in the force awakens Ben solo / kylo ren did say to han solo no the supreme leader is wise. Oh man if that's the case kylo ren will be in some serious Shit for protraying his master and could possibly end up dead that way unless rey saves Ben solo from certain death by stopping snoke because I think rey will be eaven more powerful in episode nine. anyway what do you think Star Wars Theory?🤔

  15. Remember all the lies from a year ago about the Last Jedi? They said the same thing about Jedi. We were going to learn mysteries of the force. There was going to be a reveal greater than the ESB reveal. Ya ya ya. Bla bla bla… Fool me once….

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