I got a call from my scammer | 2018

So as I said, although she scammed me and what she did was wrong, please don’t send her anymore messages. 9 out of 10 of you are still assuming you know who this person is and you re contacting the wrong person! Please be mindful that I do not take any responsibility for your actions.
And thank you for the support these last couple of weeks, it means a lot!

For the people who want to send me letters (I’d love to write back as well so leave an address if you’d like me too!) Please contact me on Instagram (olgarose_) and I’ll give you an address to post it too:)

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Written by frances

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  1. Just to let you guys know, we thought it was best in everyone’s interest if Shannon changed her name on instagram, even after this video people were messaging wrong accounts… Hope this was the right decision for everyone

  2. You look beautiful, you really don't need makeup and by no means do you look 'shit'. So pleasing to see a girl on youtube without makeup for once!! Would be inspiring for more girls to do vids without makeup to lower 'beauty' standards. I hate how girls are made to feel like they look like shit when they are not wearing make up because society has been over exposed to women with caking make up on. Its not healthy, guys aren't expected to wear it to look good or professional so neither should women #equality

  3. Yes I agree with the last comment, she knew exactly what she was doing. She could have easily sent you back all your stuff. She just wanted free items from you, shes a scam-artist and I wouldn't be surprised if shes scammed other people too….

  4. Obviously she said that cuz she got caught. She underestimated you, probs didn’t expect it to blow up. She wants to put up the facade that she’s innocent only to protect herself. I agree death threats are unnecessary but she needs to be put in her place in a different way. She’s probs laughing

  5. well that's a load of bs what she's said. if she can't afford to spend a bit of money on brand new items but can afford to ship it then wtf..

  6. She should have sent your stuff back if she couldnt afford it! She afforded to post her box to you so could have covered yours going back

  7. This is kind of bullshit cause 1 if she couldn’t afford it she could of been honest with you in the first place but she said it in the last minute so she’s just making excuses.. and 2nd if she felt guilty she could of send ur box back..

  8. for goodness sake,why do you swap with someone you do not know….shes a friend, shes a viewer!!!! no! she is a viewer she is not a friend, so why do a swap with a stranger?!

  9. Sorry this has happened to you,she should of been honest from the start and just messaged you like you said. I’m glad you’ve made people of this coz it does happen and least everyone is aware now 👍🏻

  10. If she couldn't afford the swap, she could have asked for a total worth of 20 pounds instead, any person with a bit of sympathy would have understood. She said that she didn't want to send back make-up because she used it, when she just sent you her own used make-up. Yes, it was just a scam. I guess she didn't expect an unboxing video and though you'd be too embarrassed to complain about the scam.

  11. Even she couldn't afford new stuff, she could've at least not sent dirty half empty stuff? She didn't ever bother cleaning that half empty moisturizer like she's only pissed off that she was called off on YouTube

  12. Couldn't afford it JC she could of cleaned the shit off including the hair, it's like she went into her bathroom and shoved a crap load of shit she wasn't using anymore, but the trouble to pay shipping blows me away…..

  13. she should have been honest with you and not do the swap. She should have been honest in not having the money.

  14. I don’t believe the crap excuse. And even if that’s the case, she could’ve sent the items back. Her intention was getting a freebie from the start. Pathetic woman

  15. If she received the products and couldn't afford to send you anything, she should not have used any of the products and snt them back to you…

  16. girl, you do not look like shit. Your natural is beautiful. People are so stuck on wearing makeup, that without it they think they look horrible. Stop it. Your beautiful just the way you are.

  17. God I love your kindness. It's so refreshing that your not super shallow like so many others out there.

  18. Why did she block you if she was willing to apologize (for the junk she sent you) in the first place? She is a plain liar

  19. I was so disapointed for you! Lesson learned… keep being yourself and being honest you will go far!

  20. I wonder if she was mabey a teenager. I hope she learned her lession not to do box swaps unless you can afford it. I don't agree with the death threats thru.

  21. Thats no excuse. I'm so mad I cant stand her excuses. She SHOULDVE sent the box back. If you know you cant follow through why did u use the products? disgusting. where is her basic common decency.

  22. Wow. Never even heard of box swaps, let alone trusting anyone to trade stuff sight unseen. My friends and I swap stuff but we know what we are trading for. This girl, if she couldn't have afforded to do the swap, should have sent your stuff back. That would have been the right thing to do. Sorry this happened to you.

  23. I’m sorry that happened to you and certainly what she did was wrong , but no one deserves death threats…ever. I’m glad she apologized.

  24. She should have told you she couldnt do it beforehand or what a generally good person would do is send the box you gave her back to you

  25. Wow are you really that dumb? Making such a stupid box swap thing while being aware of the risk.
    Then making a drama out of it and dragging so many other innocent people into your mess, who are partially receiving death-threats.
    It's obvious for everybody who's watching that you're completely overchanllenged with the whole development of the situation.
    But if you're being honest to yourself you sure do know that it's definitely your fault that all these people are getting harassed and threatened by your raging fan-crowd.
    You should really be ashamed!!!

  26. If she was really sorry she would have refunded you. I know that's what I would do if I genuinely didn't mean any harm. Sorry this has ruined your experiance doing box swaps

  27. There was a Shannon Andrews documentary on BBC…she was a girl who went missing from Rochdale yeaaaaars ago! I think this person is using fake name and scamming everyone

  28. You don't need to be sorry to anyone just tell her to do one don't be soft with her, she took advantage of your niceness and we believe you.

  29. I'm sorry, but she could have done a box swap of various little things and even if it wasnt equal up to the amount you two agreed on…there's cute things that aren't overpriced that she could of sent.🤷 Like sure it may have not been as luxurious, but cute little bath bombs, travel size cute scented lotions, mud/facial masks, etc🤷

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