Independence referendums in Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan, Macron’s proposals for EU

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Our panel of international journalists looks at the banned independence referendums in Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan; Emmanuel Macron”s proposals to empower the EU; founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner passes away.

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Written by frances

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  1. The more ruthless the Turks and the Iranians they appear to be the better for the west to destabilize them and bring in a new regional power led and directed by the west and NATO…In case the west is inactive or uncooperative for long the Kurds will look towards Beijing or Moscow for assistance, something the west couldn't afford. I believe that the same as UK, it is about Turkey's time to get dismembered….

  2. Catalonia is part of spain do a dna test all these genes our the same in modern spain as one people one nation don't divided the people .

  3. long live 40 million Kurds and an independent Kurdistan in south east turkey north west iraq and north east syria, from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border living in europe here.

  4. These people have no real information about what they are talking about!!!. It's absolute crap!. What about to inform yourselves better?

  5. Kurds and Iraqi government are handling the situation better than Catalans and Spaniards, WHAT A SHAME

  6. The sight of rubber-bullets being fired at Catalans will have Junker reaching for the bottle. He will need a liquid lunch to cope with this situation. Spare a thought for the old soak.

  7. The EU doesnt like democracy, doesnt like people having opinions and free will, i cant wait to leave! What spain doesnt understand, like the EU doesnt understand, is when a country leaves a union, it doesnt have to follow orders or the previous countries laws anymore. All you are doing is making it worse Spain, you cant beat and silence people into submission including 70 year old women, you disgust me.

  8. CATALONIA IS SPAIN: some politicians want an illegal secession from Spain, ILLEGAL FAKE VOTING!
    9 hours ago
    freedomvigilante49 in spain

    Imagine that Babaria in Germany wants to separate from Germany, or that Provence wants to separate from France, or California wants to separate from the USA.
    Do you think that Germany, France or the USA would allow such secession to happen?

    Obviously not, because they are integral parts of their countries, the same than Catalonia is an integral part of Spain since the times before the Roman Invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.

    If such an attempt of secession would happen on those countries, they will apply the law to stop it and the police and even the army to enforce the law because that is the reason of being of the police and the army.
    That's exactly what is happening in Spain, the law, the Spanish Constitution and the orders from the Judges are being applied to stop an illegal voting instigated by the insurgent regional government in Catalonia.

    The police is closing the places where the illegal voting is attempted and seizing all the illegal material, but the police are finding resistance and violence from some people with wounded people and police as result. The police need to use the proportional force when required to complete the work that the judges have ordered them with to enforce the law.
    Catalonia is an integral part of Spain and it will always continue to be, that is not negotiable.

    In the S.XX the secessionist took us to a Civil War, we are now heading to a similar situation so a future second Civil War in Spain is unfortunately now possible. We hope that this time the international community, Europe, and the UN supports the democratic government of Spain to reject the insurgent secessionists and avoid war.
    Catalonia already had an autonomous government with more powers that the government of Scotland have

    But what the politicians from the Catalonia region want is not self-governing, that they already have, but complete secession from Spain and that is utterly impossible.

    Spaniards are very friendly and peacefull people but we cannot allow some local politicians to execute a secession are steal part of Spain from all the Spanish people.

  9. Many Catalans (more than 50%) still consider ourselves Spaniards, with great pride. This sector is totally despised and set apart by the coup and separatists who seek independence. For this reason, it is paradoxical that Puigdemont sells the idea that the Spanish government is fascist and radical, when in fact, really is him.

    Many Catalans who feel Spanish are also waiting for the Spanish government to send to the army or proceed with the arrest and judicial disposition of Puigdemont for sedition. Its authority is given by the force of the Spanish Constitution. If he despises it, he is out of the Law, he is a delinquent.

    Serious and sensible citizens in Catalonia do not want a ridiculous, small, nazi, without rights, independent state outside the euro and outside the EU

  10. The international comunity will never let Catalonia and Kurdistan be formed.
    They support only the palestinian, and any other people wish for independence been suppressed by them and by those who Call themselves "Human Rights Movements".
    That is our "Free World".

  11. Türken,Araber usw….müssten doch jetzt Waffen an die Katalanen liefern und interventieren…in Namen d.Demokratie oder nicht…?!?
    Turks,Arabs and notherones…have to bring the Catalans Weapons and have to teach the Europaens in democratic things…or not…?!?

  12. BOTH SEPARATISTS LOST. that is what they deserved for an illegal referendum. Iraqi Kurdistan lost Kirkut as a revenge by Iranian Commander Qassem Soleymani for betraying his support by siding with israel and Catalonia lost its autonomy by Madrid.

  13. Arabs and Iranien doing to us what isis did. They are the same as Isis. The Iraki goverment are killers.They killd many kurds and burned their houses. They cut many kurds heads, wemen and children. Katalonia leav in demokratin land. We dont hav similaritis.

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