Insanely EPIC LEGO Executor Super Star Destroyer!!! | TOP 10 MOCs of the Week

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Executor Super Star Destroyer by one case

GBC Railway System by Akiyuki

Scorch from Titanfall 2 by Marius Herrmann

Biker Street by Sanel Lukovic

Carabinieri NSA support Mecha – Ma.k 8 by Marco Marozzi

The Heat by redfern1950

Ewoks Family by LEGO 7

Cherno Alpha by chubbybots

Blizzard Heroes BrickHeadz Project by YOS Bricks

Villa Arcus by Jussi Koskinen

Music: Dekonstruktionists

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  1. I loved the video but how can you say ewoks are cooler than gungans?!?! No Way! the gungans are amazing guys and I just can't get over how stupid Jar Jar is

  2. Executor Moc: I can never be overthrown!!!

    Snoke's flagship (most likely coming soon): hold my beer

    Executor: …


  3. I love #4 and the motorcycles are perfect and honestly should be made in future LEGO sets instead of those lame single piece motorcycles.

  4. I am interested in trading legos if someone could give me a call at 724 799 4433 i have many star wars collector items and am willing to sell for cheap, Thanks!

  5. Man I wish it was possible to order from these guys and get the parts with instructions…basically just how lego does it but with their instructions.

  6. That Executor-class Star Dreadnought is amazing.

    However, anyone who thinks the Executor was taken out by nothing but a single A-wing is making themselves look like idiots in the eyes of us…less casual fans. No offense, I just want you to keep that in mind

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