Is Rey’s True Parentage Still Open for Star Wars Episode 9? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Star Wars The Last Jedi still has fans talking, but could one of the bigger reveals still be up for debate? Jessica has the details (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Which one is at the top of your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Stop defending rian Johnson…he ruined star wars for everyone….i have no interest in who her parents are anymore

  2. this is how you fix everything: Rey is Palpatine's clone. Her gender is her disguise. Thus, she has no parents, she is not the child of anybody, so what Kylo said is technically true. Only her 'skill' memories have become active to date, explaining her Mary-Sue-ness. Rose is an imperial agent, which is why she sabotaged Finn's attack against the battering ram cannon. In episode 9, Rey's memories fully activate and she takes over Rebels and First Order alike, and attempts to crush Kylo. Kylo becomes a Syth leader of the new rebellion, a rabid terrorist organization. The newly burgoining civil war ends when the galaxy is invaded by a giant armada of aliens and the evils (Rey Palpatine and Kylo Solo) unite to defend against them. That;'s episode 9

  3. Why not ignore the previous film in episode 9. Episode 8 ignored much of the previous films as well. This is why a planned trilogy should be written all at once.

  4. Rey not being related to anyone is great (thanks to Ryan Johnson 🙏✌️), please don't spoil it!!! Enough with everyone being a Skywalker! She's strong and awesome anyway and in my opinion it gives more meaning to her character and the whole saga that her choices make her who she is. LET THE PAST DIE.

  5. Really no one is offering up the obvious explanation. She is Yodas granddaughter. No seriously what if she is granddaughter Kenobi. Her parents were nobody. But who were her grandparents?

  6. It would only set up the reason for Obi-wan Kenobi stand-alone movie. man, I want a samurai jack movie with Jedi. Have lightsaber will travel keeping peace protecting the down trauden.

  7. She will definitely be. Bens sister he really cares about are you can tell in the last Jedi and the fourth band just like Luke and Leia head

  8. My take is that if Disney/Lucasfilm/Rian were ready to whip out rey-nobody this entire time; then the crew and cast, shouldn't have been hinting/deflecting theories during tfa. It just put out more speculation, which ultimately killed the hype. But Rey, is still an amazing character, parentage be damned.

  9. Kylo's pants aren't really that high. That's a bandage wrap because he's still healing from Chewy's blast in Force Awakens.

  10. I really hope they keep Snoke dead, let Kylo Ren be the final villain, we've already seen enough shady masters pulling the strings of an apprentice. As for Rey, as long as they're new characters I don't mind, I'm not interested in her parents, I'm interested in her development and how she will reshape the Jedi.

  11. This is just a mess. Rey's parents reveal was such a disappointment that everyone is desperately grasping for it to be a fake out. I shutter to think what JJ "it's not Khan" Abrams will do to retcon this. Its beyond a shame that the whole story isn't already planned out and that it's up for grand based on each directors whims.

  12. I got to admit Han Solo fits the description pretty well. But ultimately it depends on how much they want to draw on the old Jacen Jaina Solo story from Legends

  13. I hope so, since it's been bandied about so much and what was relayed in the Last Jedi was… stupid. Plus, how would Kylo know anything about Rey?

  14. It makes way more sense that they just make this crap up as they go along. Isn't there some kind of writing exercise or improv thing where you pass a story from one person to the next and they just add to it? Well that's then new normal for Star Wars.

  15. What if Snoke was doing a force projection? He was able to throw Hux around from across the galaxy. So what is to say that he didn't force project and torture Rey? It could have been a test fit Kylo Ren.

  16. Backpedal much? I really don't care what Rian Johnson has to say. He wrecked most of the good storylines and unleashed the feminists on the franchise. The current movie is pure crap and there's no way to save the next one. JJ doesn't know what he's doing either, did anyone watch "Lost"? Did anyone get or like the last two Star Trek movies? I've watched them both and I don't remember either one. How did Rian Johnson get this horrible script approved without someone (besides Kathleen Kennedy) reading it? By the time Mark Hamill told him how wrong his choices were, it was too late to do anything about it. If Mark Friggin' Hamill tells you you don't understand Luke, LISTEN TO HIM!

    I'm going to think about Rian Johnson's statements about as long as he thought about the SW fans… there, I'm done.

  17. Because light sabers talk to just anyone and fly to them on command, you don't have to be anyone at all to get the royalty treatment.

  18. If she isn't a "nobody" then I hope she's related to Ezra Bridger. I don't want it to be someone "big" in the Star Wars universe like a Skywalker or Kenobi

  19. I know that, Rey's mother is really Leia. That means Ben Solo and Rey are siblings or half siblings. I know the dark side always been liers for years since the very first Star Wars movie. Kylo Ren and Rey are not a thing in 2 movies of Star Wars.

  20. At this point her parents could deliver pizza or be circus acrobats…personally I don't give a shit on them, Rey or Episode IX…sorry Episode 9…

  21. I don't understand how could her parents be skywalker. Jedis cannot love in order to keep balance in the force within them. I love rey beeing just a gifted girl.

  22. The worst part about the lineage issue now is no matter what they do in the last film some group of fans will be unhappy. If Kylo lied for what ever reason, peeps will be upset. If he didn't, the current rage will go on. Sorry but Rian really did screw up either way. JJ's gonna need a really good twist, just to do damage control. He's managed to resesitate other's that were in worst shape before tho. So even if your a hater (which I am not) I wouldn't lose all faith just yet.

  23. I SOO hope it is. Rey is to important to be a nobody and at this point star wars isnt about Skywalkers anymore but anyone fuck u rian johnson!

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