Jennifer Lopez Confetti Bombed – Gay “Bachelorette” Contestants (DHR)

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Jennifer Lopez gets greeted with confetti at the airport, the Kardashians & Jenners get in a car accident and more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown.

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Written by frances

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  1. U said that u had to get tissues for that whole Nicki and Ian sceen. I had to! I almost cried!

  2. People should stop trying to emulate Marilyn Monroe. I get that Marilyn Monroe was an icon of her time, but people should really just try to embrace who they are inside and outside. Be original trendsetters.

  3. omg! i missed Misty i was wondering where she was! she is litterly my favorite reporter on clevver- actually i like all of them!

  4. kim = slut. marilyn = ancient slut. clevver hosts = slut ass lickers who dnt lay out their own opinions that just lick ass so much.

  5. Kim k is probably the slutty attention hore side of marlin , but then again kim has a desperate I have to be famous sex tape too soon hell no she is not the modern marlin nice try tho.

  6. Kim K. looks more like Lady Gaga, in my opinion back when Gaga styled her hair that way. But Marilyn Monroe is an icon so who wouldn't want to go for a look like that every once in a while to keep it fresh?

  7. no, Kim is not Marilyn.  there's no substitute for Marilyn.  I think the only one who comes close is Scarlett Johanssen.

  8. OMG!!!!! The car scene with the girls on KUWTK made my heart start racing and it gave me an adrenaline rush and now I actually want to watch the show and I'm not even a Kardashian fan. Is that weird?

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