JJ Abrams Responds Star Wars Episode 9 & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news involving star wars episode 9 and director and writer jj abrams. JJ Abrams worked on star wars the force awakens back in 2014 before its official release in December 2015. Now that jj is returning after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson and the criticism it got based on many decisions fans have been wondering whats going to happen in star wars episode 9. Episode 9 brings a return of characters kylo ren and rey, as far as luke in star wars episode 9 goes it will be interesting how that is told.



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  1. Meh… if a dog eats it a bowl of chilli…pukes…eats the chilli and pukes again.. it still looks like chilli. Disney’s Star Wars films are just that..barf. Star Wars is destroyed because of Roundhead.. there’s no return.

  2. TLJ ruined the trilogy for me! Snoke is dead, Luke is dead, Finn and Hux are comic relief now, Poe can’t lead, Rey is a Mary Sue and can kick everyone’s ass. And Kylo isn’t threatening at all! How can we come back from this..? Thank you Rian and Kathleen 😩

  3. I’d rather watch flies swarm to my own shit than watch Episode IX when it hits the toilet bowl in 2019

  4. If they are gonna tie everything together then we might finally get some story about Darth Plagues in Ep 9.

  5. It is Jar Jar Abrams and Kennedy’s perfect opportunity to double down on feminism and misandry.

  6. TLJ as a movie is OK, as a Star Wars movie as part of a trilogy of films? Might as well smear shit on to some celluloid.

  7. Well JJ 😪 episode 7 sucks and 8 bites I'm sure I could care less if 9 is good. It's too late for that!!!!! Send KK packing and I'll watch 9 on Redbox. Or No deal…☠

  8. Lol, nothing but platitudes. He either learned or was told to keep the sass to a minimum. But there's no hope for E:IX, it's a case of too little, too late…

  9. I wouln't mind a fight between Masters like Luke Skywalker and Snoke and of course Rey and Kylo but Luke's gone so that's not really an option… The studio could have made a story when Luke saves Rey and then Rey saves Luke – I think this version would be more fan acceptable… I am disappointeeeeeed

  10. You know what I got for Christmas this year? It was a banner frickin year at the old Bender family. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said "Hey. smoke up Johnny!!"

  11. It would be nice for Rey to be able to strive for learning more about Luke and how he become the broken man she meet at Achto. If that is done right I do think more people can "forgive" them how Luke was portraied in TLJ. Johan.

  12. The Force Awakens was an ok film…JJ does put together decent movies…..and I actually think 9 is gonna be decent…but my biggest issue is with TLJ which is becoming somewhat of a beating of a dead horse….and Disney knows that….but I have a hard time spending money on companies that dont know what garbage looks like and Im just sitting back waiting for some sort of acknowledgement of mis step 🚶….part of me believe that JJ would be a genious if he makes it all make sense…smoothly

  13. I am personally boycott all disney SW products. Getting Jar Jar Abrahms back is not a great move He started all the SJW, PC Mary Sue crap in TFA. AND THEN to top it off Jar Jar Abrahms called over 1/2 the fans racist, bigots and white supremacist because we didn't like the BS in TLJ. I won't pay them for that.

  14. Bring in Anakin at the end. Have his force ghost confront Kylo Ren and turn him to the light at a crucial moment while Luke watches. Please JJ

  15. The only OG characters left are Chewie, 3PO & R2.

    The new replacement characters are boring, hypocritical & can't seem to decide what their views/personalities are…

    The main Villain already failed twice…

    The Resistance has insane luck on their side…

    Where is the hype? I didn't like TFA, but it was atleast able to make me excited for TLJ, but TLJ did nothing but RUIN my excitement for episode 9…

  16. Totally agree with you Mike. I was a big fan of both Star Trek movies and loved the tone of the trailer for new mission impossible movie. I was also disappointed with the Last Jedi but I believe J.J. will give fans a satisfying conclusion.

  17. Why didn't JJ direct episode 8 wtf happened why did shit johnson direct it?? Must've got down on his knees and sucked some dick to ruin episode 8.

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