John Mcafee Bitcoin will hit $500 000 if I get elected as POTUS

John McAfee has another shocking statement. Privacy and crypto adoptions, if he gets elected.
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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. 500k USD for BTC no chance , there is a lot of other better cryptos on the market. I guess 1 BTC will be around 25-30k USD max.

  2. I thought Bitcoin was predicted to hit 1 million $ anyways, or else there was going to be some eating part of anatomy going on ???

  3. The Netflix documentary The Gringo: the dangerous life of John Mcafee painted you in a bad light buddy.

    You will not be getting my vote and your past predictions on bitcoin have not come to pass, so why believe this estimate? I’m not and encourage others to look else where.

    John do you really like when women shit in your mouth? That is a nasty fetish.

    Good luck.

  4. All you folks who are shaking the finger at this guy for doing coke and the absurdity of him being potus are forgetting something.
    Bill Clinton helped run cocaine with the CIA while he was governor. This was sold in black communities to help suppress and oppress them, Rick Ross will tell you. Clinton did the black community a double favor by giving the three strikes you are out and taking a hard stance on these very drugs.
    Then half of America nearly voted this coke heads wife into office. Wtf?!
    Cocaine funds the governments black ops, so having another coke head in office is nothing new. Its par for the course.

  5. I'd love him to run as a Republican. That way I can watch him argue with Trump during the primaries. That would be priceless to watch.

  6. Trump is a two term president. This guy doesn't have a chance. Besides, pushing crypto will hurt him. Too much ignorance about it. Many church people, and others, think it's the mark of the beast.

    So he speaks about Xanax as though he's taken it before when he says he doesn't do well on it. If it was the first time taking it he would probably say it seems… or it appears that I don't react well with it. So getting in a car and driving when you don't do well in prescription medication like Xanax isn't smart. But he owned it regardless of potential killing someone 😐

  7. Gotta lay off them hard drugs, seriously. Oh and your a million dollar bitcoin in 2020 better be true otherwise Belize will be the least of your troubles…

  8. The NWO shill, Mr. Mac Affe of the Circus. Now that the Circus is massively suiciding, the crazy ones take over the rotten rests.

    Lol, Affe. Lol.

  9. god i cant stand when old people smack their tongue around in their mouth before talking. drink a cup of water

  10. HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION? ARE YOU JOHN MCAFEE going to give us "FULL DISCLOSURE" on extraterristrial alien lifeforms with their technology living here on planet earth???

  11. Dude is coked out and people say oh I would vote for him as he twitches..WTF is wrong with you people. He is a con artist.

  12. We Want McAfee to be next President, No Rock or Johnson at all, BTC will hit $500,000 for sure within 10 years

  13. Mr MacAfee is great !
    Sounds like you are telling some true stuff that the government's will not love! Be careful my friend!

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