Kate Winslett Says Harvey Weinstein was Bullying and Nasty | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Kate Winslett refused to thank Harvey Weinstein after winning her Oscar for her work in The Reader, and when speaking about the disgraced producer, she said he was a bully, nasty, and rude.


When Kate Winslet won her Oscar in 2009, she refused to thank Harvey Weinstein, even though she was told to.

Now speaking about the disgraced film producer she says that fact that she’s never going to have to deal with him again as long as she lives is one of the best things that’s ever happened… and she’s sure the feeling in universal.

She went on to call him a bully, and nasty, and rude… and going on a business level, he was very, very hard to deal with.

Back in 2009 Kate won her Oscar for her work in The Reader… and she deliberately omitted Harvey’s name while thanking 19 other people who had helped get her there.

And despite the film’s success… it was the last time she ever worked with Weinstein again.

Winslett made it clear that she was never sexually harassed by Harvey, but there was a whole other can of worms regarding his behavior that she did not want to discuss.

So far, there are over 40 women who claim to have been sexually harassed, assaulted, or raped by the mogul.



Kate Winslett Says Harvey Weinstein was Bullying and Nasty | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

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  1. Well, this is for you actor producer director hollywood and I hope you read it, I think that all this is spoken, it will be true or it will be a lie but that if the diffamacion with respect to sr weinstein ufff hard to believe, but that if I was director, producer, actor, or who is in the staf of production be caution with these 40 accusers who say things of winstein because because the day less thought if you producer or you actor during the film can invent a similar problem just because some actor, saw the actress wrong, accidentally touched her butt or she was locked up alone with someone, it is not worth it and if you actor or you producer you have to deal with a similar problem by hiring them because because now nothing will prevent you from doing the same to others or slandering others be true guilty or innocent clear there are lies behind all or some and the media helping them is not fair either for you producer or for you actor that ah now are inventing fake to have if you also slam with you difamation like this , i m call to hollywood to stop this already slash and also put a stop to these women and old in itself, so that ufff can not work or can or how they want to work if you work with this type of women and you know what you play take care runnings do not casting with them, take a pretext and do not hire them and do it publish it so that they calm down

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