Keri Russell as Rey’s mom in STAR WARS EP 9?

Frequent JJ Abrams collaborator Keri Russell has apparently signed on to star in an “action heavy” role in STAR WARS: EPISODE 9. The current theory is that she will play Rey’s mom in the film…or she could be the mysterious “Mara” character we’ve heard about. Though I doubt she’ll play Mara Jade. We’ll just have to wait and see what Lucasfilm has in store for us when Ep 9 drops.



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  1. A+ for your enthusiastic work. however, the garbage that is TLJ and the lack of cohesion between TFA and TLJ is too great and un redeemable in episode 9. If JJ doesn't want to be know as being as bad an incompetent as destructive to the SW franchise as RJ and KK he should quit now in support of a reboot of at least TLJ, He would have even bigger balls if he admitted his own failures and moved to reboot TFA without the toxic SJW agenda of KK.

  2. I still don't care and I'm NOT watching episode 9 at this point. Star Wars is officially DEAD, if karl Russell is playing Mara Jade Star Wars episode 9 is DEAD on Arrival.

  3. Anakin comes back, Lukes back, Snokes back, new Sith Lord, Kylo has double crossguard sabers now, Mara Jade…

    What a mess of desperately hot trash.

  4. I hope when she activates her Force powers that her eyes snap, like that effect Abrams used on her character in Mission: Impossible III when her brain exploded- that freaked me out when I first saw it. I'm not paying to see it either way, though

  5. Mara Jade was the Emperor's Hand, serving Palpatine, until she turned to the light side. She'd be much closer to Luke's age. Of course that's the EU books but if Disney just makes a totally new character and calls her Mara Jade it wouldn't surprise, that's what they did with Luke freakin' Skywalker…

  6. Assuming of course that Keri Russell's character is the same age as Keri Russell… Mark Hamill is quite a bit older than Luke Skywalker in TLJ.

  7. Why is the anyone supposed to care about a character that they were told is irrelevant in the last Star Wars movie? It truly feels like the audience is being trolled at this point.

  8. I think it's telling when speaking of Episode IX that the majority of people are not asking 'How is this trilogy going to end?' but are instead asking 'How are they going to salvage it?'

  9. I don't have the energy to like Star Wars anymore. I want them all dead. I want them all to die hilariously quick and embarrassing deaths as the cucks and feminist intended. Burn everything, let it die and then fire everyone.

  10. yawn SW kinda died some time ago for me. I don't mind Rey the character nor do I mind Kylo. The characters could have been very interesting and cool, if not for the completely shitty written manuscript, mindless action nonsense and of course, both poorly character development and characters that really serve no purpose in telling the " story ". Cause in my eyes, TLJ, has no plot. More like… people just running around, doing stuff. TFA was arrite, not great, not bad, but worked. TLJ, took a giant dump on what TFA was trying to build up, and that was it. SW went bantha poodoo.

  11. I’m watching this video because I do care about episode IX, and am looking forward to seeing it. I wonder why so many people who declare they don’t care are even here.

  12. I really hope they're not still trying to push Rey being from one of the "special" bloodlines in zstar Waelrs. That just makes the Galaxy far, far away into a cul-de-sac. People not related to a Skywalker or Kenobi can do stuff too

  13. Like inserting a not drunk mother will solve the problems from TLJ…

    Rey being nobody is the smallest of all the problems that movie has. That was the only "twist" that i liked. And probably the only thing i liked from all the movie. I originally though that she was a simple student from Luke´s academy, hidded in that planet after the destruction and with her memories erased.

    Less hype with this than with Battlefield V after watching the presentation trailer…

  14. Watch them make Episode 9 into a 2 parter like Hunger Games cause Jar Jar wont be able to correct 8 without at least 2 hours to undo 8 first before moving on.

  15. Although I would love to see Mara Jade in the series, I am NOT sure I want to see her in THIS Star Wars.

    But it could work if Mara Jade was both Rey's Mother and Mara Jade. It would change the timeline. But unless Disney screws up (and they will), it would also mean Rey is the child of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

    Still probably will not see it's theatrical run. Wait for DVD or Stream if I see it at all.

  16. Kylo could have lied or manipulated the facts, and that might have been the plan from the get go.. Obi Wan did, a Sith or Dark Jedi wouldn't have any problems if they thought it served their agenda. He also might have thought he was doing her favor. My personal hope is that she is a bastard of Palpatine, or his direct family. It would fit Kylo's disdain. Many dark Jedi after Vader thought of Palpatine as someone who built an Empire to hide behind and ultimately fail. Great job killing the Jedi, but you obviously didn't get all of them.

  17. It would make me very happy if she was Mara Jade, and Rey was the daughter Luke didn’t know he had. Even if it was from a one night stand with Mara while he was on a mission.

  18. Reys mother, Lukes wife. Flashbacks of Luke doing amazing things with the force. Star wars can be saved but RJ and KK must go.

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