Kids, Ali-A and psychiatrist on Fortnite obsession

It’s got kids obsessed, parents tearing their hair out and some schools calling for it to be banned. Fortnite is the video game of the year. It’s an astonishing success but sparking lots of debate about gaming addiction – as the NHS opens its first clinic specialising in the condition. Now as a parent Krishnan Guru-Murthy knows all about the perils of trying to tell children to turn it off and go do something outside. ‘I just don’t understand,’ he’s regularly told. So he got my own son into the studio with his friends to learn about the attractions and perils of Fortnite.

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  1. Kids need to understand they are not gonna be a globally recognised YouTuber, streamer on twitch when they grow up and not make a sufficient amount of money to live off

  2. you know you can put a timer on things now right?
    also the game is rated 12, why are you letting kids under that age play it.
    sorry but seems more like shitty parenting ''using games/tv/films and so on as a baby-sitter/entertainer''.

  3. and sorry but your wouldn't know if you where getting addicted to something.
    the only way would be when it is too late and others see you are addicted to something.
    this is just another blame games and anything else instead of the parents.

  4. Parenting 101:
    1. Research Game – YouTube/Twitch
    2. DO NOT leave card details on system
    3. Set Router Schedule
    4. Get them to do homework first
    5. Let them have fun

    Do you know its actually teaching them about teamwork and some social skills.

  5. Oh my god, they're just kids playing their favourite game. I have been playing Destiny for almost 4 years. I played it obsessively for 3. I used to play with a 7 year old, who was better than me, and I got to know the sweetest 10 and 11 year olds who took pointers from me and a mate. Normally we call them 'squeakers' and they often complain a lot but these were good kids.
    By the looks of it your son is working well with a team.

    Story time. Hi, I'm autistic and I don't have the best luck making friends. When I first met my nephews I had no way of talking to them but through playing video games we connected. I played games like Skylanders, Sonic, Mario – anything I could talk about them with.
    3 years ago when I started playing Destiny I had intense social anxiety over playing multiplayer games but some seasoned players helped me level up, never judged me and I watched them and learned from them and for the first time I learned how to how well with a team. This is also a violent shooter game. But it's more than that. It's about team work, something the game's developer stresses by having us find our own teams and let us go into raids blind and work between each other what to do.

    Obviously addiction in gaming can happen and it's up to parents to control how much their kids play. If they do need help it's for every game not just Fortnite. Kids that are addicted to gaming will probably get addicted to other things too. I have an addicted personality so it's something I'm careful to watch when I play games. Personally I find Fornite boring. No story, no play.

    Gaming is also good way to deal with troubling emotions like anxiety and depression. I find them great for my treatment resistant depression.

    My nephews are gamers and through that we connect. I hate this stigma that says any kid that plays games is obsessed and violent. Kids are just doing what they love and games are way more social than they were when I was playing them as a kid.

  6. One thing I think that's good about this video though is the psychiatrist said he wants to push for gaming developers to stop researching into making games more addictive. I think people at Activison dropped dead aftert hearing that, but it's something that needs to be done. It's manipulation especially when it comes to influencing us to buy microtransactions.

  7. You're creating addicts like this. Reality is entropy. Totally chaotic. That might mean 19 hours on one day and 19 minutes on the next. Telling, especially kids, to keep track of how many hours they play and then castigate themselves for going over that achieves nothing other than to raise their cortisol and produce addicts: people that come to believe they cannot live within the arbitrary limits they've placed on themselves to please others to an extent that it's become pathological and self destructive. Leave those kids alone. All you adults are broken and they've still got a chance.

  8. 5:02 Did this man just say the skill gap for a game that uses bloom is high? The only thing that determines skill in Fortnite is age because the good players are the players over 15 years old which is about 40% of the games playerbase and the rest of the game is made up of children who naturally cant compete at video games due to age. Lets be honest we all sucked at video games when we were young, that's why the games we played as a kid carry a sense of nostalgia, they were much simpler and were fun no matter if we did good or bad. Fortnite's success stems from is appeal to children. Not just children playing the game, but also children WATCHING the game. Even though being good at fortnite isn't hard for adults, it is difficult for kids, that's why streamers who are half decently good at video games can be seen as professionals in the eyes of children. Streaming fortnite is also easy for kids to watch as there is little to understand aside from knowing what each weapon and item does and how much health and sheild you will get from each med and potion. While the game does have good accessibility for everybody, "professionals" like Ali-A try to use this as a ploy to scream "Hey look at me! I'm getting so many views because I'm a good gamer, and not just because all I upload is fortnite."

  9. Parents need to go on basic courses to be technologically aware so they can control the amount of time their children spend on this game. Why dont parents just pull the plug on the WiFi or just take off the Wireless? Or take 10 mins to learn how to ban their MAC address from WiFi? Or set automatic time limits for their consoles from the Router?

  10. "I would feel happy because life would go normal again" ; how depressing does that sound? They're so addicted and yet painfully aware of the game's effect

  11. this is a new sport leave the kids alone and let them crack on at least they not on streets stabbing people and selling crack

  12. If fortnite didn’t exist they would just play another game and get addicted to that just because fortnite is so popular and successful the media is targeting the game. instead of investing in gaming disorders invest in real disorders like depression, schizophrenia etc, so stupid.

  13. When are we going to talk about the growing epidemic of exercise addiction. All these people exercising (to the point of neglecting their occupations by needing time off to train all the time) but how many will actually become the next Mo Farah?

  14. the level of subtle psychological manipulation going into the design of these games has increased dramatically.

  15. Because parents can not control their own spoilt brats. Lets call in the psychiatrists, and get the nhs to spend money. Typical of clueless Guru-Murthy to get his own spoilt sprog in on the act.

  16. If you know your child has problems then dont let them play and thats only how your child thinks and its your responsibility to take charge of teaching them what not to copy on tv

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