Kim Kardashian Being SUED For $100 Million? (Rumor Patrol)

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Is Kim getting sued for $100 million? All this & more on today’s Rumor Patrol.

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Written by frances

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  1. The new hosts r legit talking with a blank face. I did not enjoy this rumor patrol. ONLY and I say ONLY put drew, ryland, or joslyn. ONLY

  2. The hosts aren't bad they're just different so put a super energetic joslyn or Ryan or drew with one of them and it would be great

  3. People hating on these two beautiful ladies, GET A LIFE! They are filling in while Ryland & Joslyn are away. They are filling in for them so that YOU ungrateful fans can still get this show. Don't attack people and swear at them because they are not the regular hosts.

    To Ava and Renee Ariel, You two are perfect. i know it's hard but try and ignore the hate, you're above all of that. Lotta love♥️

  4. Please, this girl on the right is a boring host and then you put her on the rumor patrol. Fuck!!! Please look for another job, Please!!! I'm begging you.

  5. Everyone's like where are Joslyn and Ryland lol😂obviously if they could've been there they obviously would have…

  6. I don't understand why people are wasting their time hating on these two hosts. Yeah they may be new and it's not normal to not see joselyn and ryland doing rumor patrol but their only new and their still trying to learn about their job. In a while they might be some of the main hosts for clevver so stop hating and give them a chance!!

  7. Not unexpected. Many people here bashing on the new hosts, as if they were bad, which they're so not. So sad to see.😢

  8. Nowadays every single person can sell whatever they want, we live in a world full of products and marketing competition, I mean… come on!! those demanding Kim are just jelous because obviously a celebrity is going to sell a lot more! i think that is just not fair…

  9. Give the girls a break. At one point ryland and drew were new and overtime we fell in love with there personality, if you judge the hosts of one video and automatically hate them you won't allow yourself to fall in love with there personality too

  10. Yea, really, why is everyone being lame about the new hosts? How are they" cringy"–which isn't even a word, it's cringe-worthy, duh–and boring?? I thought they were really down to earth and funny! Haters gonna hate, as they say.

  11. I am so very sorry to say anything negative but I DO NOT like these new ladies as hosts on Rumor Patrol. I pray you change them RIGHT AWAY. Whenever I watched your videos in the past I felt excited, I laughed, and I was fully engaged from start to finish. With these ladies, I feel there is no more magic. In fact if they do stay around, I will just unsubscribe to this. Again again I want to clarify that I feel bad for saying anything negative as I hate when people are so hateful myself but I am just HONESTLY expressing my great disatisfaction as a viewer.

  12. I agree that these host are a bit boring, but if it's their first time they shouldn't have put 2 new people on together. I think they should have put one of the regulars with one new person.

    Also I think this law case is just stupid is literally suing her for using a product

  13. Who are these people I miss ryland and Jocelyn I'm sorry I spelled hi name wrong and no hate just in have no idea where these people came from

  14. How did these girls get this gig? No talent & no brains! I mean come on, how hard is it to understand? No so Clevver are we

  15. What. The. FUDGE?!?!?!? Where is Ryland???? Joslyn???? Drew????? I'm cool with change and all, but this is just too much!!! 😨😰

  16. Those Kardashians know exactly what they are doing. Don't play stupid since you're shelling out the money instead of raking it in! 😤

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