Kim looked like a total babe in the most unexpected of outfits : cargo pants and heels!

… Kim Kardashian and Kanye West opted to stay somewhat in-sync for a romantic night out in Malibu on Saturday evening.
Talk about pulling off the impossible! Kim Kardashian proved yet again that she’s a style star by crafting one unique and memorable outfit on July 6…………
Please Watching.

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Written by frances

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  1. Kim you go girlfriend looking fantastic as usual keep on strutting those clothes , love this video and the chat and all of the outfits, love you guys and have an awesome one, lol.

  2. She somewhat managed to make it work. It just goes to show that he's not in love with all of those skimpy outfits she wears.

  3. Kim azz is to big 4 khaki cargo material. Kim has no true friends, true friends will tell u the truth, whether u want to hear it or not.

  4. Someone is LIEING to her from the front looks good from the back look bad . Legs r.way 2 skinny 4 ex,ex,large just looks deformed. ..

  5. Khaki,s is an old style, nothing new,looks like she is carriaging a heavy load in the back.a dress will look better.

  6. Hey you guys and good morning ,thank you so much for liking the comment and also thank you for the reply continue to enjoy the summertime . Kim keep on looking fabulous,much love to the both of you and have an awesome rest of the day ,bye for now.

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