Kylo Ren NEW Material Revealed & Details – Star Wars The Last Jedi

Lets go over some new Kylo Ren material for star wars the last jedi as well as some star wars the last jedi news for kylo ren’s lightsaber! We know he will be training under supreme leader snoke in this film directed by rian johnson and that this character is set to evolve!. Kylo Ren does a good job it seems in his tie silencer as well judging from the star wars the last jedi trailer.


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  1. Cool.
    Kylo-Ren is going to turn from the darkside after delivering Rey to Snoke. Reys sabor was cut in half by Rey. He must have a new helt but using the same design and critical.
    Good job.
    Good job.

  2. We don't know the current state of the personal relationship between Luke and Ben (Kylo). Kylo might be the only one who can free Luke from his burden and disallusion. Will Leia be the catalyst for Ben and Luke to re-align or will Kylo kill Leia and cause Luke's rage to get him back in the fight.

  3. The music piece "There is Still Good in Him" just tells me that Kylo will have a redemption arch in this film (maybe the start of it at least). I wasn't on board with this when I saw the film first but after deep reflection I'm on the Kylo can be redeemed bandwagon!

  4. I never thought they would make another skywalker that was a cry baby, so far we are 3 for 3’ let’s hope for a new new hope a skywalker that is actually not a big suck.

  5. I always thought that maybe it was his grandfathers saber just modified because it was busted up by Luke and the fall it took.

  6. Hoping for one of these two possibilities, (among others,) kylo will go even further down his dark path and become a twisted psychotic badass, and hopefully will take Rey with him, saving any form of redemption for episode nine.
    Or maybe he,ll turn to the light, and Rey will embrace the darkside when nothing turns out the way she thinks.?

  7. The Jedi must end is about Luke the last Jedi dying. This must happen this is prophecy from the books read. I believe that Luke is dying in "The Last Jedi"; I know this has nothing to do with this video, but I thought I might say it. The new movies will take place after the first order wins taking down the resistance, and the Jedi. First order will rule, and hopefully this is were the next trilogy will start off.

  8. I think Johnson has fu##ed this film. Rey turns. Luke killed her parents. What ren does is irrelevant. So i am wondering what the big reveal is. What shock is coming? How does rey toddeling off with snoke at the end cause a cliffhanger. I could have written a better plotline and I'm a nobody. Sorry mike your great to listen to but i think there will be a huge amount of negative responce. If i know the plotline how many more people do? Very disappointing.

  9. Kylo looks very bad ass in this new picture I must say! Whereas where he is going as a character I think we will start seeing the beginning of a redemption arch at the end of this film. The biggest hint I think was the leaked song title on Amazon a long time ago on the official CD. With the final song being titled:"There is still good in him".

  10. I can't wait to see what Rian Johnson delivers to us in terms of our beloved characters. Especially Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Bring it!

  11. So. Her's another little carrot. In force awakens snoke asks ren to bring rey before him. BUT. He is speaking about someone who he doesn't know. So how can he be talking about Rey in the last jedi? When i found you implies that that he has known the person for a period of time. Am i wrong. And if not who is he talking to/about.

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