Lana Makes Kiawe Wet! (With Her Popplio) Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 45 Anime English Subbed HD

Lana Makes Kiawe Wet! (With Her Popplio) Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 45 Anime English Subbed HD

Clip/Scene/Moment/Battle/Fight was from Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 45
Hoshigumo Panic! A Sudden Teleport!!

I do not own Pokemon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a copyright strike. I hope it’s not anytime soon.

Playlist: Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 45 Anime [English Subbed HD]

(ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon)

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Ash Ketchum,
pokemon sun and moon episode 46 preview,
pokemon sun and moon episode 46,
pokemon sun and moon 46,
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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  1. These videos by Pokémon anime channels get more and more sexual as time goes on. Even when shitty Lolies are featured in other anime’s thumbnails, those anime (despite having underaged characters) are designed to be for a mature audience. The Pokémon anime (to my distaste) is aimed at younger children primarily. Although it is confirmed that the female protagonists are included as eye candy for males, when I see thumbnails like this it makes me feel as if I’m surrounded by pedophiles. I have no problem with older people liking the Pokémon anime, but many kids will see this, and adopt the mentality that the sexualization of underaged children is okay and mainstream. This CANNOT stay the same.

  2. Good for Lana and Popplio catching on immediately after Kiawe got his hair caught on fire whilst being teleported with Cosmog. Normally Kiawe doesn't do well with water types, but this is the occasion where Kiawe needed Lana and Popplio the most!

  3. I just love these clickbaits ?
    You always make the title a clickbait but the clickbait is actually not a clickbait because Lana actually made Kiawe wet and that kinda sound like something pervert and thats funny af

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