League of Legends Reveals Akali’s Reworked Abilities

League of Legends Reveals Akali’s Reworked Abilities

After a brief slipup this morning that leaked Akali’s rework ahead of schedule, the full update for the League of Legends ninja has now been revealed.

A video that was uploaded as “unlisted” to YouTube resulted in the champion’s full kit being discovered before Riot Games could share the more detailed reveal of new and reworked champions.

We saw a condensed version of her abilities before to get a fair idea of what the new Akali was capable of it’s still plenty of dashes, if you’re wondering but now that the reveal page is up, we can see each move in greater detail.

The typical video breakdowns of each spell can be seen below along with gameplay tips.

You’ll also want to check out at least one of the champion’s update skins that takes on a new name with Akali’s rework.

Damaging a champion with an ability creates a ring around them. When the ring forms, Akali gains a burst of movement speed towards it.

Once she crosses the ring, Akali gains another burst of movement speed towards the enemy.
Crossing the ring also empowers her kama, which increases the range and damage of her next attack.

This attack also restores a small amount of energy.

Akali’s new passive allows the champion to stick to enemy champions with some extra movement speed while also increasing her damage output.

Since Akali relies on positioning and quick manuevers when having to fight in such close quarters, the extra range on her attack and the movement speed should help her get her poke in and get out before taking too much damage.

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