LEGO Batman Movie 2018 Set Images Officially REVEALED! – Brick Show News

Shoutout to The Brick Fan for the images:

More LEGO Batman Movie sets next year! Which ones are you buying with that sweet, sweet Christmas cash? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe for more of the latest LEGO news!

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  1. I am SO done with Lego Batman Movie stuff. The Ninjago movie came out, and yet barely anything has happened! The Lego Batman Movie came out in spring!

  2. phone buzzes
    Me: oh a notification….
    sees notification

  3. Dune buggy, egg head mech and harley quinn truck are the ones I'm picking up. If samurai is revealed to be a new figure I'll consider getting the justice league party set

  4. The build at 1:00, Lego did a build for the Lego Creator set 31062 that could work for the build as the disco ball for the party.
    Other then that some cool builds in the video i would not mind seeing once they're out in stores, the Eggman one looks real cool.

  5. It sucks Condiment King is coming with grey stud shooters and we aren’t getting the milkshake piece in red and yellow like in the movie.

  6. Great video. My thoughts:
    * Dune-Buggy build is "meh" as it looks more like an accompanying build but I can't really complain at a small set
    * Justice League party is pretty good and a reasonable size but (like you mentioned) it could have been a little bigger. However, the design is pretty great and gets the look of it right
    * Love this mech but I'd like more white and yolk-yellow parts in it (Rather than grey)
    * The truck is a pretty good build and the cannon looks quite well designed. Also nice to get 2 reasonably sized buildings to accompany it which look pretty decent for the size of them
    * Like you, I'm not a fan of this set either. The 2 extra vehicles are pretty rubbish, tbh. The build to place the suits and shuttle on would fit perfectly with the rest of the bat-cave though and it does look quite decent
    * Love the Captain Boomerang and I actually much prefer this version to the previous one. Batman is just the regular one so I don't have much to say
    * Love Hawkgirl, who is far overdue. We can now have both of the Hawks, which is great. I'm not sure why they made Wonder-Dog blue, when he's grey but I like that you can place a cape on him. Green Arrow is nearly perfect but I hate his face. They should have given him his signature beard, Imo. Superman is the usual one aside from the face which is a bit too happy, lol (It should be like his usual face-print for the smile). El Dorado has some great printing, but I don't much care for him
    * Egghead is perfect and couldn't have been done better, Imo. Condiment King is great as well and couldn't have been done better either. Batman is the regular one again so I don't have anything to say about it
    * Batgirl is regular again so yeah. Gentleman Ghost is brilliant, and I'd buy this set just for him as he's one of my favourite DC rogues, lol. Crazy Quilt is brilliant as well, with some great printing. It's an interesting costume choice for Harley but it doesn't look that great for her, Imo (Although it has some good printing)
    * The worst set for mini-figs in the entire line, Imo. We've already got that Catwoman, Batman and Dick Grayson before and this is just in a higher-priced set so what's the point in buying it for these when you can get them cheaper? Also the space-batman and fire-starter batman are boring and don't look that great. Reggae-Man is "meh" for me

  7. the bat space shuttle looks beautiful in its build and harleys cannon truck is another easy way to get the phantom zone projecter

  8. hey B S. I love the shuttle the most , I will be trying to get them all, hope there are no exclusives as we miss out on them down here in NZ.

  9. We're getting closer and closer to the reveal of the Infinity War sets! Or they're gonna rub their balls in our faces and reveal the Han Solo sets first…

  10. SO looking forward to the Bat-Space Shuttle for the figures. I didn't get the bank set with Catwoman since I already have Robin and Batgirl, so getting 3 extra suits along with a Catwoman will be cool.

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