Lego Batman Movie Coming Soon! + Star Wars May the 4th Exclusive Minifig Revealed! – Lego News

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Lego Batman Movie

Justice League Gotham City Breakout

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Star Wars Force Awakens Video Game Trailer

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Blocks Issue 18

Dimensions mash-up press release

Ninjago Movie Details


Red Sheild Inn by Simon Schweyer

Tintin Rocket by Tyler Clites

Super Speedway by Brick Knight

Space Tank S Class Mark 1 by Norton74

The Exorcist and Scream by Vitreolum

The Train of La Mure by aniomylone

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  1. I brought the lego the force awakens gold edition from steam i played it do i get the empire strikes back pack and jabba palace pack?

  2. Things we could have gotten instead of this bulls**t May 4th Minifig:

    – Captain Phasma with a shiny silver finish
    – Old Luke Skywalker
    – Rey Ahch-To Outfit (Jedi temple planet)
    – A new variation of Stormtrooper / Clone Trooper armor
    – A minifig from KOTOR/SWTOR such as Nihilus

    And soooo much more.. Why did they have to chose the plainest minifig we got in the TFA line-up?

  3. bulls*it

    i wanted either episode 7 luke, adult ahsoka, new darth maul from rebels, or one of the inquisitors.

  4. 7:09 Am I the only one who saw this and thought "Hello, and thank you for activating the M808V Main Battle Tank. You may call me Sheila."?

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