LEGO Demonic Spider Lady Mech! | TOP 10 MOCs

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Caterham rally mod! By Pat Lacroix

SR-71 Blackbird By Planebricks

Rock vs Cannon By Joshua Brooks

Lavaria’s Ultimate Mech By LEGO7

Vinnytsia Water Tower 2 By flambo14

Dispatch Bike By red 2

Back in the swamp By Dr. Zarkow

Enchantments, potions and magic By Cesar Sorares

MFS-019 Octopus By Moko

Queer Lodgings By Roanoke Handybuck

Popsicle Express By Sven Franic + Toco

Platypus By Ted Andes

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  1. can I say that tie Interceptor was actually designed by alternate bricks he's kind of stealing the data.

  2. I just ordered parts for to build the TIE Bomber. I’m so excited! Thanks for making such great videos! Love you guys!

  3. The Mark V tank from Indiana Jones was very well built would be great to have a few sets from the movies

  4. Can u plssssss get the Bugatti Chiron it will make a great rivew . Anyway keep it up I'm really enjoying the Chanel .😍😜😝😛

  5. That car after the Lavaria mech would be perfect for batman . . . Just needs to be in black or maybe a really dark grey

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