LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Sets on Display! – Brick Show News

The magic begins! Check out this awesome IRL display of the brand new Harry Potter LEGO sets in 2018! Let me know what you think of these awesome sets in the comments below!

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  1. why they have plates for ravenclaw snd hufflepuff when there are no figures of them.

    sorry for my bad english i am from germany

  2. THESTRALS!!! I must have that set! I can't wait to get some of these – I especially would also like the train (because I also never got a Dementor the last time Harry Potter Lego was being made).

  3. My phone played this by itself as I entered the Youtube app and I was talking with an employee at Wal-Mart, awesome but not my line.

  4. the great hall is reasonably priced, to my suprise… just imagine what a comparable star wars set would cost, probably $300

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