LEGO Harry Potter, Solo, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Sets! | LEGO News

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Harry Potter Sets to be released in July

Harry Potter Collectible Minfigures revealed

Hogwarts Castle Rumored Microscale

LEGO Harry Potter Fig for Activity Book

SDCC Aquaman and Storm reveal

Star Wars SDCC Millennium Falcon Set

LEGO DC Kingdom Come Set SDCC

Brickheadz Jack Skellington & Sally

App-Controlled Batmobile 76112 official images

LEGO House Doc on Netflix

Ferguson Tractor inside tour set

LEGO Minifigure Factory Debuts in Denmark

International Space Station Gets 10,000 Supporters

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  1. I like how the harry potter mermaid is labeled as merman so either we got bamboozled and the mermaid was a tranny or they dont see genders anymore over there lmao

  2. So we know Harry Potter wave comes out July 1st. However, what about the 2 Fantastic Beasts sets? Are they the same date or later in the year?

  3. Be careful with marketplace sellers on Amazon. My fiancé got scammed on a BB8. Lego seals still intact but box had been opened at the seam and resealed. All the BB8 parts had been removed and there were taped up bags of random grey parts inside

  4. Solo movie sucked. I wouldn't waste money on Lego's based on a crappy movie. That Batman RC is sick tho

  5. I just looked on lego website and I’m in Canada and the Harry Potter sets are not coming out until August 1 and it seems to be the case in every other country except US I’m not sure if they’ve made a typo in the US website but it doesn’t seem right

  6. Im sad there making a minyfig sires for harry potter because we might not get sets for the scenes there in but i hope we get hootch

  7. The Imperial AT-Hauler looks nice, but the minifigure selection is HORRIBLE. Why is Qi'ra there? And the two Crimson Dawn guards?

  8. I like it that we don’t have a massive hogwarts set and instead a micro scale set because then I don’t have to spend like £500!

  9. The idea of the ISS as a lego set is a good one, but the moc itself isn't great. Looking forward to seeing how it improves over time before release

  10. Nice I was in the Inside tour which was really fun and got my Ferguson Tractor still boxed in my room 😎 and the Harry Potter sets coming early is cool 😎

  11. If you didn’t realize, that exclusive Harry Potter has the messy hair from The Goblet Of Fire. But not anything else exclusive

  12. I really hope they expand that customisable minifigure stand to the London Store. It could replace that silly £100 portrait machine that hardly anyone uses.

  13. I think most of your viewers wouldn't care for a micro-scale build however I think there will be older fans of Harry Potter and Architecture fans that will certainly be interested.

  14. Hi, this is brickbrew, thank u for the shout out to my latest Harry Potter find on Reddit. I actually just found it sitting in a box on the floor and bought it through self check out.

  15. July 1st for US, August 1st for UK? WTF? How do Americans get a British Theme based on British Films/Books get first dibs? Explain

  16. I tought that one of the new minifigs to come out on the solo sets would be the newest Maul but now im dissapointed

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