LEGO Solo Star Wars LEAKS & More Summer 2018 Sets! Brick Show News

The Faucet (aka Brick Show Brian) is back to deliver (in the groggiest way possible) info about the upcoming Solo Star Wars set leaks for Summer 2018! If you have any questions, ask away in the questions below! 🙂

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  1. SPOILER ALERT (maybe I’m just guessing here)

    My best guess is that that Kira gal is either Han’s sister or Han’s ex

  2. not gonna lie…whilst i know these are only lego sets, this has acctualy killed my interest in this film. originally i was praying this was a re-make of deathtroopers the book (which would have been amazing) but nope…

  3. Was the picture of the clone/jedi BP the same as the preliminary ones we've seen? As in is it still the plain white clone helmet on the clone gunner body or do they have some kind of camouflage or legion colouring?

  4. Can you clarify "Summer" ? Are these to shelves May or August? Or if the movie is coming out in May wouldn't all Han Solo movie stuff be released in April?

  5. The StormTrooper you are talking about with the black on the helmet is called The Imperial Range Trooper…sounds like Sniper

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