LEGO Star Wars Custom UCS Lambda Shuttle Tydirium!!! | TOP 10 MOCs | Weekly MOC News

We are getting TONS of MOC submissions so we have to set up a few ground rules to make our work easier and also make sure that your cool MOCs get featured in the videos!

Maximum of 5 (FIVE) images per MOC / builder. Pick the best ones you have, DONโ€™T send ALL of them! ๐Ÿ™‚
NO portrait orientation pictures, landscape orientation only!
NAME your files with your nickname and number (ex. Steve_1, Steve_2, etc.)
ATTACH your files to the e-mail, do not embed them into the text field of the e-mail
NO links to your Ideas project website / Google pics gallery, etc. – pics MUST be attached to the e-mail.
NO potato-camera resolution, prefered resolution: 1920×1080, very low resolution pics will be removed!

Any submissions not meeting these simple rules will be instantly deleted. Thanks in advance, it makes our lives easier!

Send your MOCs with the above rules in mind to:

Lambda Shuttle Tydirium By Marshal Banana

Stranger Things – The Upside Down By RyantheAmazing

Grow your own Planet – Endor By Kit Bricksto

REJECTZ by Iain Heath

Mech Scorpion by Mitsuru Nikaido

The Bat by JK Brickworks

MOONEYES Headquarters by Norton74

Leonidas 06 by Marco De Bon

O.R.C. Unit by chubbybots

Fifth Generation Fighter by Simon T James

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  1. Wow, great summary. No.1 is awesome. By the way, Iain is the Scottish spelling of 'Ian' and is pronounced in the same way (ee-an).

  2. Just got a 30 second unskipable ad, in language that i cant understand, for a product not avilable in my country in the first 3 minutes of the video. Does anyone know how i can turn these ads off? Does ad block work on a samsung?

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