Lego Star Wars HUGE Rogue One MOC on Eadu

Hey everyone, today I present you my latest MOC: the Imperial Kyber Refinery on Eadu. This MOC represent a very iconic scene of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hope you like it!

Bonjour à tous, aujourd’hui je vous présente ma toute dernière MOC: La Raffinerie Impériale de Cristaux Kyber sur Eadu. Cette MOC représente une scène très célèbre du film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. J’espère qu’elle sera de votre goût!
This MOC will be entering the following contest/Cette MOC participera au concours suivant:

-First Order Lego ( Lego Star Wars MOC contest

Music: Music by Evan King – End This (
This will destroy us (

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  1. Dude this thing is insaaaaaaaane!! The techniques you used… my gosh! And it's very impressive that you were able to build that platform to keep Krennic's Shuttle up!! And the rock work was incredible! Not too much SNOT, but just enough. I love it. Beautiful MOC man, well done, and I hope more views and subscribers head your way. 🙂

  2. waww!!! I love the rockwork, and inside the mountain, that splendide!!! i think that a best moc on eadu never build!!!! gg man!!!sorry for my english.

  3. This is an INCREDIBLE masterpiece! Seeing new techniques used is always satisfying. I just subbed, your channel is awesome. Hopefully this video gets even MORE views 🙂

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