LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter With Hyperdrive Review! LEGO 75191 Review! Summer 2017 Set

MandRproductions brings you his review of the NEW LEGO Star Wars 75191 Jedi Starfighter With Hyperdrive!

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Written by frances

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  1. What do you think of the newest Jedi Starfighter With Hyperdrive model? Is it really overpriced? Do the minifigs make up for it?

  2. Honestly, the whole thing is kinda disappointing. The cockpit on the straighter seems way too high and too short. The price is too high as well. Probably won't be getting this set.

  3. Awesome to see this reviewed! great job, very thorough, articulate, and not boring or monotonous. I've seen reviews of yours over the years and you've definitely honed your skills. I hope you continue to develop your craft because you have the potential to be one of the best.

  4. Stylistically, it's a rather poor representation of what this spaceship actually looks like in "Episode II".

  5. Sometimes a person is sitting on a 2×2 brick and I pull him out his legs come off and it's a pain to get them out ;-;

  6. kind of I've been waiting for the review because I don't have a starfighter and reviews are fun to watch

  7. I honestly don't think that we could have a different print on the torso and maybe a robe but the boba and jango fett are great especially the jango he looks awesome

  8. If they put llama su, taun we and a clone trooper with it, it would have been worth it, an opportuni Lego missed out on

  9. Knowing LEGO, I half expected Jango Fett to have a angry clone face (he was the model for the clones) lol

  10. About to build this set. I know it's overpriced; however I was really excited when it was revealed and am still very happy and stoked now that it's in front of me about to be built.

  11. Boba looks really light with the light flesh color to me.
    I know if he and the clones were different skin tones it would be weird, but he looks pale af compared to the movie

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