LEGO Star Wars Tracker I Review! LEGO 75185 Review! (Summer 2017 Set)

MandRproductions provides his full video review if the LEGO Star Wars 75185 Tracker I from The Freemaker Adventures! this set includes GREAT minifigs like Emperor Palpatine and the M-OC Hunter Droid along with Rowan and a Probe Droid! I hope you enjoy the LEGO set review!

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Written by frances

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  1. When I went to target i could not find the 2017 summer sets. Where in target are they btw i live in the us

  2. hey Ryan. Thanks for the early look at this set, I love it and cant wait to see them here in August I think. Thumbs up dude.

  3. Where did you buy this set ? Because it's not available on Lego Shop and it hasn't been be released on Amazon.

  4. So, this is from freemaker adventures. None of this was in the show (on Disney XD anyway) so is the show still around somewhere, or what?

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