LEGO UCS Cloud City Set & Other News Too! Brick Show News

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the info and some pictures!

List of TRU Stores Closing:

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  1. I never had a toys r us in my near… The next was like… Idk 2-3 hours away… And i am not allowes to drive :c

  2. The set that failed for being too close to an in development set could be Cloud City. Although why they even would have teased that is questionable? Everyone knew that was an insta fail. They stopped allowing Ideas projects from active pre existing licenses. It could be a UCS Cloud City. It could be a small Iam your father type scene, much like last years Duel of the Fates. It could also be a Space Shuttle. A new nice D2C shuttle to follow up the Saturn V.

  3. ToysRus sales went down not because of "normal people buying from Amazon these days" but because kids are evolving to albino cave people and waste most of their time on low quality software applications, websites, video games such as Rolblox, and listen to retards such as Lil Pump and Logan Paul instead of evolving physically and socially by playing and constructing toys along with some friends like everyone used to.

  4. This is gonna sound completely messed up, but I really don't care about a Cloud City playset. I don't. What I would like to see, is a UCS Twin Cloud Car. Ooooooooh. You all lookin' shocked now. Nope. That should have happened years ago. Grrr.

  5. One of my TRU appeared on the list. It's old, in the middle of dead, dead mall, and yet, I feel a big loss. It wasn't even my main TRU, but still. I will be mourning it's loss. But hey hey- CLEARANCE ON LEGO! Mourning time over. Excuse me as I binge buy.

  6. I would buy all the fishing village sets. only they hold my interest so if ya want some mo money lego put em out you know they'll sell. that lighthouse I'd amazing. I'm severely disappointed they go through with the boat repair shop from robinanne. I want all his builds but that lighthouse has to make it. please and thank you

  7. Old fishing store sold like crazy. People want more sets from this guy, so getting 1 more or even 2, doesn't seem unlikely

  8. On the TRU front… not all are actual TRU stores…. the two Indianapolis locations are actually Babies R Us stores.

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